The Power of “I AM”

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The Power of “I AM”

When I say “I Am,” I am affirming to the universe, my subconscious mind, my soul, and the cells of my physical and vibrational bodies what I believe about myself. They will all believe what I believe and act on that, giving me more to support my beliefs. [via psychological imperative, the Law of Attraction, The Law of Resonance, and the Law of Vibration]

Beliefs are either empowering or limiting.

Therefore, our beliefs make us either confident or afraid.  


Your biography becomes your biology.” ~Caroline Myss~

My beliefs affect the frequency of my vibrational bodies and thus, my physical health; (especially my beliefs about the body, health and aging.) My beliefs affect my relationships, my job, my finances, my attitude, my thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Identify your beliefs. Keep the ones that make you confident and heal or reprogram the ones that make you afraid.


When I say “I Am,” I am labeling myself.

Labels are judgments because they are based on our own individual or a collective societies’ definition of a word that includes a set of requirements or rights assigned to the label. Therefore, your definitions, subconsciously and/or consciously, create expectations for your behavior based on the definition you use.

Since we tend to live to our labels; either ones we were ‘given’ or ones we chose ourselves, it is in our best interest to be aware of the labels we are using and how we define them.


What follows “I Am” regularly, either aloud or in our thoughts, becomes our beliefs.

Repetition deepens the beliefs.

Until one is self-aware, one is mostly controlled by their subconscious mind that is run by beliefs. In other words, when you are not mindful of your behavior, your subconscious is in charge.

What to avoid putting after “I Am:”

  • The illness, dis-order or dis-ease you currently have (For example: I am not a diabetic, I am a person who currently has diabetes.*)
  • Just (If you ever say (aloud or to yourself) “I’m just a ___” you’re labeling yourself and putting yourself down at the same time.
  • Too old
  • Too tired
  • “Too” anything
  • Any put-down

Once you become aware and start noticing how you label yourself, all you need to do to reprogram your beliefs is interrupt and replace.

(If you would like some help with this, check out the following article: What Do I Believe?


You are so much more than any label.


Once you label me, you negate me. – Sǿren Kierkergard

(Consider this as well: Once I label myself, I negate the essence of me.)

When we label, we judge and limit; ourselves and others.


*[This is why I have issue with AA and all its associated recovery groups: Perhaps some people would recover faster or more completely, if they stopped identifying themselves at every meeting with “Hi, My name is ____. I am a ____.”  And if they stopped identifying with the ongoing process, the label and the shame of their past tied in with it. Just a thought.]


Food for Thought

This article will be continued with a very specific target to avoid putting after “I am.” It is has been one of the most challenging interrupting and replacing targets I have dealt with so far. I feel very passionate about changing the language because of its ramifications and I believe you may understand why when I tell you the target. The target is “sorry.”


If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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