Secrets, Lies and The Thyroid

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Secrets, Lies and The Thyroid

If you have been diagnosed with any manner of #thyroid issue, perhaps you would consider another perspective.

According to Dr. Oz, the thyroid is shaped like a butterfly. The thyroid is governed by the 5th chakra which is the center of self-expression and communication. It is also the connection between the heart (#4) and the mind (#6) chakras.

Please ask yourself the following:

What am I not expressing?

What truth about myself have I been hiding?

Am I keeping a secret or maintaining a lie?

Am I suppressing my authentic self: my voice?

Are my heart and mind at odds?

You are not your body. You are spirit. Your body carries the messages from your spirit. Uncover the source of your emotional/spiritual pain and you will no longer need the message of the physical dis-ease.

Is it a coincidence then that the butterfly-shaped thyroid has the power to transform?

Perpetuating Lies And Secrets

Can Only Lead To




And Loneliness.

These Lead To Feeling Unloved And Un-Well.

Release The Secrets And Lies

And Receive The Love  And Well-Being You Are Blocking.

People Are More Forgiving Than You Believe.

[Lies and secrets can affect any structure in the area of the throat, neck and mouth.]

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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