Must Have Reference Books #3: The Hidden Power of Dreams by Denise Linn

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Must Have Reference Books #3: The Hidden Power of Dreams by Denise Linn

Considering we spend around one-third of our life sleeping, it only makes sense to try to use our dream time productively. By enlisting the help of your dream guides, you can heal yourself while you sleep. That seems like a wonderfully constructive use of that time.

That is only one of the many things you can learn from Denise Linn in Hidden Power of Dreams. This is a book that provides so much more than interpreting the symbols in our dreams. For me, that worked out well because although I could recall my dreams with the extra help of Ms. Linn’s dream recall affirmations, I have never been able to interpret them.

I look up the symbols and accept the positive ones, but there have never been any premonitions or any sub-conscious messages brought to me that I could decode.

For many years, I have believed my dreams were solely for entertainment purposes.

I have been keeping a dream journal for a long time.

I would recall numbers and names (sometimes because I spoke them aloud) and record them, but they haven’t’ ever presented as anything. So I have used the dream symbols dictionary for attempted dream interpretation but more so for interpreting the synchronicities in my waking hours.

I even bought a second dream interpretation book thinking maybe these were wrong. But the second book was 99% doom and gloom interpretations which certainly didn’t work for me.

The rest of Ms. Linn’s book or rather the first parts because the dream symbols dictionary is at the end, contains techniques for dream recall, lucid dreaming (which I have yet to accomplish) and astral travel (not yet either) to name a few.

I found out that past lives could be revealed in our dreams and that visits from our departed loved ones can happen in our dreams. I’ve had many dreams of my departed loved ones but I think the actual visits are the ones where they don’t speak; they are just present, visiting.

This book explains how to:

  • tell a psychic dream from a regular one
  • become a dream healer
  • connect with your dream guide
  • use dream aids for recall
  • interpret the Ancient Chinese-Clock linking Chinese Medicine, chakras, chi, meridians, yin and yang energies, and the best times for certain types of dream activities

This book is chocked full of information, science, and techniques for accessing, using and interpreting your dreams. It is a priceless part of my collection and although my achievements have been slow, I know the information is valid and doable. Give it a shot – what do you have to lose?

Sleep well and may your dreams bring you messages and healing.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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If you have any experiences of messages or healing gained from your dreams, I would love to hear about them. Also, if you have experienced astral travel, I would really LOVE to hear about it (I’m so jealous) in the comment box below.


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