Mid-Life Crisis or Mid-Life Awakening?

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Mid-Life Crisis or Mid-Life Awakening?

We’ve all heard the term “mid-life crisis,” but is it really a crisis? Was the term created by the people going through it or by the people around them that didn’t understand or couldn’t accept it?

Major life changes are very scary, especially when you don’t have the support of those around you: When the people around you are telling you you’re crazy for giving up a steady job or leaving a relationship that isn’t working.

Careers, relationships and identity are the main areas affected, and identity issues are generally caused by issues with careers or relationships.

Sometimes the change is precipitated by “a dark night of the soul.” Sometimes the change is forced on you (by the Universe). And sometimes there is a conflict with what you are doing or how you are living and your values or self-respect.

My experience took place over a number of years, with a number of issues (too long and complicated to go into). In short, I followed the Universe’s plan for me. I stayed with my job because I was offered a new position and when that new position that I loved was taken away, I resigned. Hearing everyone I knew tell me I was crazy made a scary decision even more difficult, but I knew I had to be true to myself. And that is what this is all about.

This situation occurs when people:

–         Chose a life based on ego needs and didn’t fulfill the potential their gifts and passions ordained.

–         Whose only reward or satisfaction they receive from their job is the paycheck. When you’ve been working only for the money.

–         Are living an image, a lie, not as their authentic self.

–         Have yet to discover their authentic self or their true passions, and feel like something is missing.

–         Are living with too much responsibility and have lost touch with their inner child, their freedom, and their dreams.

–         Are living a life that is completely routine/stagnated; with no new experiences, no novelty; the brain needs stimulation.

–         Are living a chosen or inherited role or a role that was forced upon us that is no longer satisfying (if it ever was).

–         Are living a life based on fulfilling the expectations of others.

–         Did not explore enough before making major life choices and those choices were not in line with their authentic self and their needs. (Most likely because the choices were made before they discovered their authentic self and their true needs.)


This is a difficult place to be, but it is an opportunity to be fearless, to trust and have faith, and to be true to yourself. If you are facing this situation, please choose to see it as an awakening to your souls needs and an opportunity to become or do what your were meant to. Choose to see the opportunity to course-correct your life and take a path that will fulfill your soul’s needs, which are probably in the interest of the highest good.

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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  1. amazing post! thanks

    • nice insight

    • nice post!

  2. So interesting how we delveop personal beliefs over time, from a variety of sources, and just consider them to be true. Thanks for showing us all how to become more aware of how our personal beliefs are helping or hindering us.

    • It is interesting, isn’t it Lars. Becoming aware is the key. Once we are aware, we can choose which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of.
      Peace, Michele

  3. nicely done!

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