Inside the Mind of a Gratitude-Junkie

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Inside the Mind of a Gratitude-Junkie

We all have habits, routines, addictions, obsessions, and compulsions. The questions are “Do they interfere with me having a healthy and fulfilling life? Do they negatively impact my relationships, my job, and my health?”

I want to share with you the obsessive gratitude that I have substituted for limiting, self-abusive, unhealthy, and non-productive thoughts. There is so much to be grateful for and expressing that gratitude regularly increases our personal vibration and that of the Universal Energy.

Mealtime Gratitude

This one, along with the bedtime one, have become obligatory; a routine, a habit. But I don’t always start it at the same time during meal prep. I still forget sometimes. If I feel rushed, I will also forget to smile when I start but I always end up smiling before it’s over!

Thank you Great Spirit for and please send many blessings to all the people responsible for bringing me every aspect of this magnificent meal and all my needs throughout the day.

Thank you for my magnificent body and my phenomenal energy bodies that will enjoy, digest, absorb, process, and excrete it as needed.

Thank you for my magnificent home, for all it provides and protects; for its perfectly functioning electrical systems, plumbing systems and appliances that allow me to store and prepare my meals, and satisfy my needs.

Thank you for all the money in all my bank accounts – past, present and future- that allow me to satisfy my need and my values.

And thank you for this magnificent planet without which none of this would be possible. Amen.

I will often thank and bless individual companies, appliances and kitchen implements (especially when I use them). I’ve found that everything works better when I express gratitude to it and for it.


Bedtime Gratitude

Thank you Great Spirit for your many blessings, your guidance, your protection, and your love.

Thank you for my family friends and pets on all planes of existence; thank you for keeping them all safe, healthy, satisfied, and existing with ease.

Thank you for all that I have, all that I am, and all I will become.

Thank you for all that was, is and shall be.

Thank you for using me as an instrument of your peace.

And thank you for using my skills and talents as an instrument of your love through which the world is healed. Amen.


Before Travel Gratitude

Before I get in my car I recite the following:

Thank you for watching over my vehicle.  Thank you for keeping it safe, road-worthy and free from maintenance issues without warning. Thank you for surrounding me with only safe, conscientious and alert drivers. And thank you for keeping me safe, conscientious and alert


Outside Gratitude

When I step out in front of my house, I express bless all the cars that go by and the people that walk by with: May you have a safe and satisfying day and a healthy and beautiful life.

Or I send the Travel Gratitude to the cars.

When I step out on the wooded side of my house, I give thanks for the beauty and abundance in my life. I bless and give thanks for the critters that enhance the beauty and abundance in my life. I bless and give thanks the trees that protect this home and provide for its residents.

Join me and get addicted to something with no adverse side-effects that won’t interfere with your relationships, and may improve your health.

Please check out Part 2.

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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  1. I get it!

    • Great, Nat. It’s good to have more people on board.

  2. looks like I’m gonna be a gratitude junkie too! thanks alot!

    • It’s not possible for me to know if that “thanks alot!” is serious or sarcastic! 🙂
      Willing or unwilling 🙂 I have another member in the club, and I’m grateful.
      Thanks Anne.
      May peace and love be with you always,

      • Don’t get me wrong! I’m definitely and sincerely thankful (: Please keep on writing these great articles!

        • Hi Anne,
          Thanks for letting me know you were serious! I would certainly prefer a willing member in the gratitude-junkie club!
          May peace and love be with you always,

  3. nice job.

    • Thank you, Norm. Please come back and visit again soon.


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