Implementing Change: Holding an Intention by Creating Reminders

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Implementing Change: Holding an Intention by Creating Reminders

Being mindful is easy. Remembering to be mindful is not. This seems contradictory because it all takes place in the mind, and it is my mind, isn’t it? Aren’t I in control of my own mind?

Unfortunately, sometimes ‘other personalities’ take control of our minds: stress, anger, frustration, fear, worry, hurt, our unhealthy ego, and so many more. So, our job is to find a way to override these other personalities.

Creating reminders and triggers will interrupt them. They will also decrease the amount of effort required and increase the speed of your successful transition into an evolved way of being!

The intention is to create new neural pathways for new, healthy habits and the old ones will shrivel up! Every time you do something else instead of your old habit you strengthen the new neural pathway. (It’s like muscle memory.)

It takes 21 days for new neural pathways to form, so do it daily and give each new intention that time to take hold.


Great Reminders

Great reminders are ones that are accessible to any one or more of your five senses all day, every day. The key is accessibility.

  1. You can post reminder notes, posters, banners, lists, quotes, affirmations, prayers, etc. Anywhere and Everywhere!

This can be a problem for people who need order or worry about the appearance of their living space, and for people who will feel vulnerable if other people know what they’re doing. This is part of being uncomfortable for the sake of change and it also may inspire others!

So, don’t be afraid of letting other people see you implementing your reminders. You can even invite them to join you!

I have collected a lot of business card and calendar magnets over the years. These are perfect to attach your reminders to so you can post them on your file cabinet, refrigerator, white board, and any where else that is metallic.

  1. The bathroom mirror is the perfect place to post a reminder of your day’s intention or intentions.
  2. An altar is a great reminder, but only when you can see it.
  1. Your pocket
  2. On your body.

Make Your Own Reminders

My first portable reminder was written on a half of a 3 x 5 index card and carried in my pocket. I touched it often and eventually I memorized it so I could think it at will.

(I shared it on Facebook: “For Parents and Teachers.”)

People often carry prayer beads, get tattoos or wear jewelry as reminders. (Lockets hold pictures but can also hold affirmations, mantras and goals.)

  • You can imbue a piece of jewelry with meaning; whether you buy it or make one.
  • You can use a string or rubber band around your wrist or finger. You can either imbue it with a specific meaning or if you use a rubber band, you can write a word or two on it. (For example: Choose the virtue you want to practice, and if you can fit it, write “Be ____.”)
  • A rubber o-ring (plumbing) can be worn as a reminder-ring.

If you would rather carry something touchable in your pocket, you can

  • Paint on or even engrave stones.
  • Write on plastic bottle caps. (Vitamin bottles have bigger ones.)

A stone is better because it can absorb your energy. If you hold it in your hand while focusing on your intention or desire, you make it more powerful as it now holds the energy of your intention or desire. You can even choose a semi-precious stone related to what you’re working on.

Each chakra has a corresponding color:

1- Root: primary is red or secondary is black

2- Naval: orange

3- Solar plexus: yellow

4- Heart: sky or light blue

5- Throat: green or secondary is pink

6- Third eye: indigo/dark blue

7- Crown: violet or white/clear

So, if you know the chakra associated with the issue you are working on you can select a stone this way. Also, each semi-precious and precious stone has its own properties and may work with more than one chakra.

  • You can carry a vial of lavender to create calm, remind you to breathe deeply often, to use in times of stress, and where just touching it will remind you to use your calming techniques. (Scents are also related to each chakra and have different properties.)

If you want to make jewelry, there are charms or beads you can find with symbols on them. They also make charms with clasps that can hook onto your clothing, purse, belt loop…

If you are going to draw a symbol on a stone or bottle cap you have more options.

How do you usually remind yourself to do what you need to do?

If you have any other ideas, please share below.

Please check back soon for “Implementing Change: Holding an Intention by Creating Your Own Triggers.”

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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