Box of Thoughts #8

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Box of Thoughts #8

I hope you are all having a safe and satisfying July.


  1. See the most difficult people in your life as the ones in the most pain. They are our greatest teachers. They provide us with opportunities to practice practice compassion, understanding and patience, and thus to act from our authentic spirit-selves.


  1. Our bodies are the vessels that allow our spirits to express themselves in a life on this beautiful planet! Thank yours regularly and just like people, your body will work better when it’s appreciated!


  1. You may have heard of the song or the expression “Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places.” I always thought he meant bars or a geographic location like that.  I don’t remember the song well enough to know the intention, but now I interpret the title to mean looking outside yourself instead of inside yourself.


  1. If you don’t fit in;

If you don’t want to;

Seek to uncover your authentic self;

Then you will find where you belong.


  1. It’s not about leaving your mark on society; it’s about making lots of little marks on hearts and in minds. And those little marks multiply!


  1. I’ve expanded my gratitudes, again!

Thank you for this magnificent planet, for Mother Sun and Brother Moon, without which none of this miraculous life would be possible, and I am supremely grateful for every aspect of this miraculous and abundant life!


  1. I got an envelope in the mail today that read: “Imagine a world without cancer!” My reflexive thought was “I’d like to imagine a world without resentment, fear and pain. With that, there can be a world without cancer!


  1. What if being unappealing was something we choose for ourselves before we incarnated into this life so we wouldn’t be distracted from our mission? What if its purpose is to provide us with the freedom to master ourselves, love ourselves and fulfill our sacred contract?


  1. My favorite books as a kid were a series called Tell Me Why?  My favorite thing to do was play teacher. Those were clues!

What childhood favorites were clues for you?


May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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