Self-Forgiveness (Part 1)

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Self-Forgiveness (Part 1)

Healing By Letting Go: Self-Forgiveness -Part 1:

Why Should I Forgive Myself?

Gaining self-acceptance is the first giant step toward achieving clearer perception and ending suffering. It also has the added benefits of healing many of our thoughts and our limiting beliefs.

Forgiving oneself is the final step in gaining unconditional self-acceptance.

It is also the first intentional step toward healing, and toward extending your acceptance out to others.


What we give to ourselves we extend to others.


What we withhold from ourselves we withhold from others.


not forgiving others means that self- forgiveness and self-acceptance are absent.

-Yvonne Oswald, Every Word Has Power: Switch on Your Language and Turn on Your Life


We have all done things we would take back if we could. We have all had people mad at us and hurt by us whether we are aware of it or not; whether we intended it or not. We all deserve to be forgiven and we need to start by forgiving ourselves.

We are our own training ground.

  • We can only learn to treat other people well when we learn to treat ourselves well.
  • When we gain self-acceptance, we are open to accepting others, life and the universe.
  • When we can forgive ourselves, we can learn how to forgive others, life and the universe.
  • When we heal ourselves of all the judgment and criticism we inflict on ourselves, we can stop judging and criticizing others and want to help them heal.
  • When we learn to love ourselves and accept ourselves unconditionally, we can then know how to love and accept others, life and the universe, unconditionally.

Resentment, anger and bitterness “held” towards others and the guilt, shame, regret and anger we “carry” towards ourselves –these are today’s cancers; figuratively and literally

They are vibrational poison.

Look at the terms used to describe some of the low-energy feelings created by not forgiving; the metaphors suggest that they reside in the body, such as:

  • holding a grudge
  • burning with resentment (or anger)
  • blood boiling (in anger)
  • boiling mad
  • hard-hearted
  • filled with rage
  • s/he makes me sick

Where are you holding a grudge? In your heart? In your stomach? In your thoughts? Probably in all of the above, but also in your cells, in your blood, and in your chí (your life force energy). So, you are holding it in your physical and energy bodies.

If you are carrying shame or guilt, it negatively affects your beliefs about yourself and your self-worth. This now affects your choices and particularly what treatment you are willing to accept from others as well as yourself.

For the health of your physical and vibrational bodies and for the sake of your current and future relationships, isn’t it time to let go?

Please continue to Part 2:What to Forgive Yourself For.

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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