Your Seven Bodies of Health: Accepting Your Vibrational Body

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Your Seven Bodies of Health: Accepting Your Vibrational Body

One of the necessary steps of self-acceptance is accepting the presence of all your bodies of health. Out of all the bodies of health, the only one you may have to work to accept is your vibrational body. So, here are the facts.

Fact:  We are matter.

Fact:  Matter is energy and light.

Fact:  Energy vibrates.

Fact:  Vibrations create sound.

Fact:  Sound resonates.

Fact:  Resonance finds and attracts like.


Fact:  Thoughts and feelings are energy.

Fact:  Words are energy.

Fact:  Behaviors/actions are energy.

Fact:  Beliefs are often subconscious. They surface in perceptions, thoughts, feelings, words, and behavior/actions. So, beliefs create energy.


Fact: Energy can never be destroyed.


Following the first election of Barack Obama as president, many people described the mood of the country as vibrating. This was literally true. The collective vibrational or energy level of the country was elevated by changing many people’s thoughts and feelings of hopelessness and fear  to the higher vibrational thoughts and feelings of pride, hopefulness/optimism, unity, and love. I believe the election President Obama inspired the nation to such a degree that it elevated the collective energy/vibrational level of this country.

David Hawkins M.D. is responsible for the research that has enabled us to give a concrete representation for the vibrational impact of our thoughts and feelings. In his book Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, author’s Official Revised Edition, Dr. Hawkins’ research determined a numeric calibration for all human emotions and has organized them into what he called the Map of Human Consciousness.

Thanks to the massive body of work accumulated by today’s physicists, we now have undeniable proof that the human body is pure energy. Quantum physics has given the world the evidence it required to believe. New information usually follows a sequence of ridicule, violent opposition and then, eventually, acceptance as fact. If you are among the people who continue to believe that the human body is solid matter, despite the evidence to the contrary, then you must be among those who continue to believe that global climate change is a hoax, that the sun rotates around the earth, and that the earth is really flat! It’s time to accept the fact; actually it is necessary for your health and for creating the life you deserve.

Once we accept that we are pure energy, we must also accept what we know about energy; it cannot be destroyed, therefore, it is eternal. This means we are eternal. We have been here before and most likely will be again (if we choose). Believing this, we can accept that we may bring memories, issues, illnesses and fears with us from past lives. Only by identifying them as past life experiences can we diminish their effects in this life.

Cell memory has been proven in transplant patients and through past life regressions.

Your energy /vibrational body surrounds all your other bodies; in other words, all your other bodies affect your energy /vibrational body. It, actually there are seven layers, extends further than your physical body, as far as your outstretched arms or possibly further, and thus, comes into contact with other things, animals and people and with their bodies. We are all connected by vibration, and until and unless we internalize this fact, we, as a species, will continue to live with violence, anger, fear and dis-ease.

In addition, the level of functioning of your energy /vibrational body affects the functioning level of your physical body. Emotions, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs all carry a vibration. Low-level vibrations (negative or damaging) affect the physical body’s ability to work at its optimum level by depleting its energy and make it susceptible to illness, dis-order and dis-ease.

We care for our energy/ vibrational body by nurturing and nourishing our other bodies. Every section that follows contributes to strengthening and elevating or weakening and lowering your energy body or vibrational level.

Louise Hay is a pioneer in the use of affirmations to increase vibrational, and thus, physical health. The use of affirmations is effective because anything done repeatedly produces new patterns in the brain and reprograms it for the new information.

The more you repeat a particular neural pathway, the more it becomes fixed-which is how spoken affirmations work to create reality. – Candace Pert, Molecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine

There are many techniques and branches of energy medicine, but they all have the same goal: to increase or release the flow of energy throughout our physical body. There are techniques that can accomplish this in a matter of seconds, something psychotherapy and medical treatment cannot even come close to accomplishing. While productive talk therapy may produce the same result, it will take a long time.

Learning about your energy body and the self-healing techniques that are now available to us all can save you many hours of work, a great deal of money, and relieve any pain or suffering you may be enduring. If you have the time and the money, please seek energy healers for the relief of any chronic emotional or physical pain you are experiencing. Energy healers want to heal you, not just manage your symptoms.

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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