What Am I? Part 1

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What Am I? Part 1

We are all living as human beings with strengths and weaknesses, talents and skills, flaws and attributes, limitations and power beyond our imagination. We are not designed to be perfect; perfection requires no improvement. We can always improve; these are to be our accomplishments- to improve, to be better, to become the best version of ourselves. We are all here to learn and grow into living as spiritual beings with physical bodies.

We may see our appearances, our bodies, our relationships, and our lives as imperfect. But from a higher perspective, we elected our less than perfect attributes for the lessons they would teach us, for the opportunities they would create, to overcome them, or to accept them.

From a spiritual point of view, we are all perfect. We have everything we need to learn the lessons we came back to learn in order to evolve our spirit.

We can identify what we are by examining what we do, how we behave and think, and what we add to the world. This is our essence.

What am I?

I am my values.

I am my qualities.

I am my attitudes.

I am my intentions.

I am my behavior. (Thoughts, words and deeds)

What you do for a living and most of the roles you play are temporary. So, it’s not about the roles you fill and the jobs you do; it’s about how you do them. You are not just one or two “things.” What you are (your qualities, your values, the way you treat others, your essence, your nature, your spirit) is eternal and can never be taken from you, unless you allow it.

You’ve heard the saying “To know me is to love me.”, well that works for yourself too! Know yourself so you can love yourself, you deserve to be loved by you. It is actually the most important love of your life.


Here is an exercise I created for myself (and I do love lists). I strongly recommend you make your own to help clarify your core identity; it will also get you started on your self-acceptance exercise. Isn’t it time to find out what you are, all that your are and not what you were or what other people told you you were?

Make three columns or three lists:

1. I am a/an (noun).

2. I am (an adjective).

3. I (verb).

If it is easier for you, you can make lists of who you are not: “I am not _____.” and “I don’t ___.” Or you can add a ‘not’ section to the end of each list.

I suggest keeping your flaws, weaknesses and aspects of yourself that you judge or criticize separate, so you can use them for your gaining self-acceptance exercise

Here are my lists to help get you started. You should know that I made them after I completed my gaining self-acceptance exercise.

I am a/an: teacher, speech-language pathologist, mentor, caregiver, guide, perpetual student, minister, coach, behavior specialist, counselor, healer, Libra, American, New Yorker, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend, confidant, home-body, metal head, hippie, sci-fi fan, environmentalist, conservationist, avid reader, animal lover, role model, instrument of peace, instrument of love.

I am: patient, kind, tolerant, nocturnal, compassionate, empathetic, loyal, self-aware, forgiving, conscious, peaceful, organized, honest, content, accepting, objective, lazy, hyper, energetic, quiet, loving, smart, insightful, inspiring, spiritual, connected, receptive, passive, balanced, evolved, stress-resistant, grateful, thoughtful,  loving, understanding, objective, handy, respectful, responsible, helpful, considerate, gentle, open-minded, introspective, analytical, affectionate, interesting, fun, reverent, fair, hard-working, dedicated, and honorable.

I: teach, build self-esteem, help maintain calm, restore balance, listen, soothe, protect, defend, nurture, love, validate, appreciate, support, encourage, make a difference, heal, learn, grow, and evolve.

May this exercise provide a new perception of yourself, as it did for me.


May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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I would love to hear from you about your results or your difficulties, so please leave a comment.


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