The Other Perspective on Small Miracles

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The Other Perspective on Small Miracles

The Universe sent me grapes!

What does the sudden appearance of a grapevine mean?

What is the message?

Besides gratitude and wonder, the appearance of the grapes, to me, is a message, because I believe that everything happens for a reason. But
how do I interpret it?

I know I can not be sure that any interpretation is correct but I feel it is important to look at the possible meanings.

First, I use what I know. Grapes are sweet, so maybe the message is a reminder of the sweetness of life.

Second, I went to my reference book for dream interpretation, believing that symbols are the same whether we are asleep or awake. Denise Linn’s Hidden Power of Dreams  has been my source for many years.

There was no listing for grapes but there were listings for wine, vineyard and vine. Since what the Universe sent me was a vine with grapes, I had to choose the interpretation for vine. According to Denise, a vine represents a spiritual connection.

So maybe the message was just a reminder and a confirmation of my spiritual connection. I can’t know but I like it and love having the grapes.

A few months ago, when I was experiencing some doubt about my path, I asked for guidance and the next day the Universe sent me a turtle. A beautiful black and yellow turtle was hanging out in my yard. I interpreted it as meaning ‘slow and steady wins the race.’  But I felt the need to consult an expert, so I consulted with Denise. Her interpretation was as follows: “A powerful symbol. Slow but steady progress toward a goal. Completion through diligence.”

Between my interpretation and Denise’s, the appearance of the turtle and its ‘message’ dissipated my doubts. Whether this was the correct interpretation or not, it helped me feel better about my choices.

Doesn’t it make sense to make choices that make us feel better? Whether it is choosing what to believe, what path to take or how we interpret a situation, we can always choose one that promotes peace and, love. Of course, we can also choose one that promotes fear, pain and doubt, but if you are making a conscious choice, why would you?

When you return love to your life, heart, mind, and spirit, you are inviting the Universe to support you. Choose that which brings you peace and love in every situation and you will see your life become more than you ever thought possible. This is the power of choice.

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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  1. My pleasure (and my mission), Cady.

  2. fresh perspective. NICE!

  3. Wow! Your site is off the chain!

    • Thanks Lita. I’m greatful you could stop by.

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