The Benefits of Uncovering Your Past Lives: Acceptance and Understanding

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The Benefits of Uncovering Your Past Lives: Acceptance and Understanding

One year for my birthday, my friend gave me a gift certificate for a psychic reading. There wasn’t much happening with the reading until she told me about a past life I had lived. She told me I had lived a very tough life on the prairie with a “boat-load” of kids.

My main goal and I thought my main purpose in life was to be a mother. I started babysitting at age eleven and became the most sought after sitter in the neighborhood. My career path was also geared towards working with children, and I was really good at it. Love, compassion and a nurturing nature made me good at it. I was both teacher and mother to my students.

My personal life did not lead me down the path I had wanted or expected. It took me a long time to accept that motherhood was not in the cards for me. This reading of my past life really helped me to accept what was.

By finding out about this past life experience, I was able to rationalize not only where my love of children and nurturing nature came from, but also to understand that I may have chosen not to repeat such a difficult life when I incarnated into this one.

So, what can be gained from learning about your past lives? What awareness can be brought to you? You may be able to:

  • Understand current relationships with members of your soul circle.
  • Understand current relationship patterns.
  • Accept current life situations as chosen by you for a reason or a result of you deviating from your plan.
  • Explain and remove phobias with unidentified causes.
  • Understand preferences, tastes, strengths, weaknesses, talents, passions, attitudes, attractions, and fears, some of which have no apparent relation to your current life (culture, geographical location, exposure, experiences).
  • Determine whether what worked for you in a past life is working for you in this one or if you are just reusing familiar patterns.

What is beneficial about uncovering and believing in past lives?

If you believe in past lives then you will believe in reincarnation; which means you will believe in:

  • Life after life or life eternal, thus, eliminating fear of death and that you will see your loved ones again; minimizing grief from loss.
  • Your energetic/vibrational/spiritual body and treat yourself as such.
  • A Sacred Contract, Birth Vision, or Blueprint that you drafted for your life this time around, which will create unconditional acceptance of all that occurs in your life (because you chose it).

There are several different ways to uncover your past lives. With the guided words of a Past Life Regression book, I was able to ‘read’ my friend into a past life where she lived as a triage nurse in WWII.

There are CDs with guided meditations. CDs and books are great if you have the ability to visualize (which I don’t).

With both of the above methods, I suggest having at least one other person with you to transcribe the findings.

And finally, you can go to a professional past life regressionist or hypnotherapist.

Whatever method you choose, there are many benefits to uncovering your past lives. I intend to dig deeper and uncover more of my past lives to see what other connections I can make.

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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    • interesting post.

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