Namaste, Russell Brand

Namaste, Russell Brand

Namaste, Russell Brand

I am a big fan of your comedy, politics, humanitarianism, and activism. Most of all, I admire and share your truth-seeking nature.

I am aware that you are involved in many worthy projects and touring, but desperate times require leaps of faith.

My sense of urgency to carry out my divinely-delivered and guided mission has been growing since our U.S. election.

After seeing Brand: A Second Coming, I was compelled for the second time to connect with you to ask – are you still interested in becoming a guru?  

If you are still interested, I have divinely-delivered messages for human evolution that need a voice.

For more than 20 years I have been living my life in flow, knowing everything happens for a reason. It seems you are the Universe’s first choice. I didn’t act on the first nudge because I was not prepared, but I will not ignore the second one; the one that came after I recognized the need for help. I now see my lack of preparedness as non-attachment. Unprepared but divinely-directed: I trust the Universe. 🙂

No joke. No hype. This is groundbreaking information.

What was divinely-delivered?

  • 9 exercises that probably saved my life but definitely saved my mental health. (1991)
  • A new word; a theme, an organizer, a guiding new title word. This word is perfect for branding and allows for a series. (mid-90’s)
  • The missing links to all my previous work and the answers to why haven’t we evolved further by now and how to evolve to a higher level of consciousness. (2016)

(I am keeping the word to myself for a while longer but I bought the .com and took the facebook page.)

For ten years, I was working on a great book and then the Universe changed it into something profound. I received the missing links in human evolution (and so much more), but I recognized that I will not get them out to the masses under my own steam. I’m sure my mission now is to find the messenger and the members of my soul circle preordained to assist in activating humanity’s next evolutionary step and the foretold tipping point or critical mass.

Perhaps this is the spiritual ideology you’ve been looking for? I don’t have all the answers but the ones I have bring me peace.

The information/messages will change what you think about your self and your Self. When you evolve and find the peace these messages and work provide, you will not only be an instrument of peace, but I believe it will also properly prepare you, if you are still considering politics. It will evolve you to the kind of politician the world needs: a soul-driven politician.

I feel like the world is regressing and revisiting the 60’s. Activism is on the rise. We need more awake and empowered people to stand up to the powers that be as soon as possible. This project will accomplish that.

Here are some potential sub-titles and unique features to entice you.

  • A 21st Century Approach to Conscious Human Evolution
  • Assisting (Y)Our Conscious Evolution
  • The (R)Evolution of Free Will
  • A New Vision of Personal Power
  • The Missing Links In Our Evolution (or The Bridges For Activating Our Evolution)
  • A Path to the Cessation of Suffering
  • The Ultimate, Evolutionary Power Grab
  • The End of Dependency
  • Living The Serenity Prayer
  • Awakening The Species, Revealing The Divine Within
  • A New Approach for Advanced Human Development
  • A New Model of and Guide to Conscious Identity Creation and the Creation of Conscious Role-Models
  • The Answers to the Epidemics of Our Time (including the ego, which Eckhart Tolle calls the “collective human dysfunction.”)


Personal Notes

I don’t believe you’re as narcissistic or egotistic as you think; hedonistic – yes, but most of us are by design. When you gave your mother credit for your compassion, I saw the real you. (Humanitarians are not generally ego-driven.)

You don’t have to give up all your worldly possessions to serve the greater good. I believe at this time, we need wealthy role-models serving the greater good. As long as your possessions do not define you and you are doing “right” with your money; it’s all good. You’re allowed to enjoy it too!


If you are no longer interested in being a guru, might you be or know anyone who would be interested in collaborating or investing in a (r)evolutionary project that will redefine the human condition/human nature, the ego, addiction, freedom, and free will? (Teaser: Addiction is not a disease.)

I would love to share more information with you, if you are interested. I hope to hear from you.

Thank you for your time.

May you receive and perceive all your blessings.

With much love and gratitude, Rev. Michele <3


If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

(I reply to all comments personally!)

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Help Is Just An Email Away

Help Is Just An Email Away

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