Support the USPS and Validate People Who Make Your Life Better

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Support the USPS and Validate People Who Make Your Life Better

It makes me very sad that the USPS is struggling financially. I got a card from my friend in the mail the other day. It made me feel so good; I felt lighter and brighter.

He had sent me two cards on the same day but one slipped through and arrived a day later. I have been helping him through some challenging times over the past year. The first card to arrive was a thank you for being a great friend and the second to arrive was a very early birthday card (because he usually forgets).

My mother made me responsible for sending all my own cards, to all family members, for all occasions when I left for college at 17. She even gave me a pre-filled date book! Generally, when we spoke, she would remind me of upcoming card-worthy occasions or inquire about past occasions. Strangely though, she did not have me filling out Thank You cards after receiving gifts while I was growing up. Why were those not card-worthy occasions? That would have created a habit for sending cards earlier.

I still send cards although the number has dwindled over the years. I have my own date book that I filled in and continued adding to over the years. And it got to an unmanageable number at one point. But my mom provided me with a kind and thoughtful ‘chore.’

If everyone I’ve sent a card to had even half the reaction and joy that I got today, then it is worth doing.

Someone went to a store and browsed through cards thinking about you and maybe being grateful for you. Then they came home, thought about what to say, wrote it, looked up your address, wrote the address on the envelope, put a stamp and a return address label all the time thinking about you and your relationship with them. How could that NOT make you feel great by raising your vibration?

Most people still require outside validation, most obviously, people with self-esteem issues.

The medium John Edward used to say at the end of his show “Appreciate, Validate and Communicate so I don’t have to.” He was referring to the face that most of his clients come to him to get closure with a loved on who has crossed over. If you appreciate, validate and communicate with everyone in your life regularly, you will never need closure (or a medium).

Emails and texts are costing us our connection with we love. There are no personal touches, like seeing someone’s handwriting. (I put stickers on all my card envelopes.) A personal communication of your appreciation is very special.

Thank You cards can be sent to anyone, including teachers, doctors, a dog, cat or baby-sitter, or a mechanic, who made your life better. People appreciate being appreciated and validated.

Save the USPS and Return Love – send more cards and uplift those who make your life better.

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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