Sun Gratitude: A Ritual of Awareness

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Sun Gratitude: A Ritual of Awareness

Begin A New High-Vibrational Ritual And Create Awareness Of The Constant Beauty And Abundance In Your Life, Which Will Follow You Throughout Your Day!



Whether it’s streaming through your window or it’s when you open the front door, make your first glimpse of the sun each day (or its noticeable absence) become a trigger for a high-vibrational practice. This practice will become a habit as it retrains your brain to recognize beauty and abundance more regularly.

While you are using it, you are raising your vibration to the point you can feel it. That is your power!


It can be a replacement when working on interrupting and replacing.

It can be used as a coping strategy or replacement for anxiety, anger, pain, and sadness.

It can be used when you recognize you are not in the moment.

It’s Multifunctional!


  1. Choose your favorite greeting word. (I have come to like the breathiness and the ease of elongation of hello.)
  2. Choose your preferred reference word for the sun.
  3. Now, either create your own expression of gratitude or use mine.

(I give gratitude to what is, what was and what will be, so at the end, be sure to include anything you perceive you need at this time or for the future. I use this last part at the end of each of my prayers.)


Hello (grandmother sun)

I am so grateful to see you (and feel you; when applicable).

Thank you for all you create and illuminate.

Thank you for all you provide and protect.

Thank you for all you nurture and nourish.

Thank you for your warmth, your healing power and your sustainable, renewable energy.

Thank you for this miraculous planet and for all it provides and protects;

For without which, none of this miraculous life would be possible

And i am supremely grateful for this miraculous, flowing, abundant, ever-unfolding, financially serene, healthy, peaceful, joyful, and most grateful life!


Tell me you’re not smiling and feeling it by the end!


(Here is the facebook addition, but it’s coming out here first!)

sun gratitude














Practice Gratitude. The Benefits Are Amazing!

The More You Do It, The More You Will Want To Do It.

It’s Habit-Forming and Therefore, Addictive! (Hence, Gratitude-Junkie!)

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

(I reply to all comments personally!)

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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