Sharing the Vibrational Wealth

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Sharing the Vibrational Wealth

As I continue to work on the Purpose of Physical Pain series, I wanted to share some of my spiritual practice and learning. I haven’t shared much of my spiritual practice before, because to be honest, I didn’t think anyone would be interested. I am at a point where it is more important for me to share.

I have been collecting ‘affirmations’ for the healing or treatment portion of the Chronic and Recurring Physical Pain series (CRPP), but I don’t want to wait to share some of them with you.

It has been shown, and I have found, that recognizing your beliefs can change your thoughts (affirmations) and repeating affirmations regularly can change your beliefs. So, try these, regardless of whether you believe already or not. Take it for a test drive and see how it feels.

To paraphrase from the introduction, I have signed up for and am taking  A Course In Miracles, a required course which we all must take. Our only choice is when we take it. I chose to enroll last August.

I’m on Lesson #214 of 365.

(I admit that I am not always diligent with my practice or do the prescribed length of practice. Still, I am getting a lot out of it. I will probably retake the course!)

Occasionally, there is a review of an important idea/belief. Up until now, the longest review was ten days with one main idea and a different sub-idea each of the ten days. Today was day 14 of 20 days of a review. By about day 5, I recognized that I was reprogramming myself.  

[But I’ve learned it takes 21 days to reprogram! Perhaps, for spiritual reprogramming, twenty is enough!

Not coincidentally, the repeated idea is as follows:


I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.


[The rhyming made it much easier for me to remember. Most of them don’t rhyme!

I still have some issues with the singular God. When possible, I still use Great Spirit, Universal Intelligence or Collective Consciousness.]


I found this one a couple months ago and do it as often as I remember. It is from An Interfaith Minister’s Manual, the one I got when I got ordained.

It makes me feel power-ful!

[Perhaps because it connects me to my true power?]

I can feel my power when I say it.

May it reconnect you with the source of all your power as well!]


A Rejuvenation Call:

I FEEL the electro-magnetic currents of energy flowing from my open Heart Center and pulsating through my body and into my hands. I AM regenerating my physical body and reversing its aging process. I AM experiencing, each hour, the Love, Wisdom and Power of my CHRIST SELF!

How does that make you feel?

[I can use the term CHRIST SELF but when I think about it, I am more comfortable with My Divine Self, Spirit Self or Higher Self.]


Here are some enlightened affirmations from Paramahansa Yogananda, I found in Metaphysical Mediations I went through it as research for the CRPP series and found these gems.  [The book is published by his Self-Realization Fellowship founded in 1920! How lovely!]

(He uses several different terms for God including a new one I like, Infinite Spirit.)


I Am Not the Body

~Beloved God, I know that I am not the body, not the blood, not the energy, not the thoughts, not the mind, not the ego, not the astral self. I am the immortal soul that illumines them all, remaining unchangeable in spite of their changes.


~Eternal youth of body and mind, abide in me forever, forever, forever.


~More and more I will depend for energy upon the limitless supply of the inner source of the cosmic consciousness, and less and less upon outer sources of body energy.


~O Father, Thine unlimited and all-healing power is in me. Manifest Thy light through the darkness of my ignorance.


~O Spirit, teach me to heal the body by recharging it with Thy cosmic energy; to heal the mind by concentration and smiles.


One Last Blast of High-Vibration

I have recently reworded a portion of my mealtime gratitude to say:


Thank you for my miraculous bodies, both physical and vibrational, that always assimilate and eliminate everything that comes into its fields as needed.


May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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  1. Great information. Thank you.

    • You are very welcome, Brent.
      Please come back and visit again soon.
      May you perceive and receive all your blessings.
      With Much Love,
      Rev. Michele

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