Prayers and Mantras

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Prayers and Mantras

Repetition reprograms: repetition of ideas reprograms beliefs. Chose productive and empowering beliefs and you can reprogram your life.

The following can also be used as meditations.  


Start Today Differently!

This one is from An Interfaith Minister’s Manual. I started using it somewhat consistently upon awakening, or soon after. It makes me feel power-ful!

[It connects me to my true power. When I say it, I CAN FEEL MY POWER.]


A Rejuvenation Call


[I can use the term CHRIST SELF but when I think about it, I am more comfortable with My Divine Self, Spirit Self or Higher Self.]




The rest are from “Metaphysical Meditations” of Paramahansa Yogananda

Beautiful Intentions To Set and a Wonderful Reminders To Repeat!

Spreading Divine Joy

Spreading Divine Joy 1




I Am Not The Body
I am not the body 2




I Will Serve All
I will serve all


Friendship and Service
friendship and service

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