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My Last Letter to My Dad

My Last Letter to My Dad

The following is the last letter I wrote to my dad. I wrote it after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He passed away due to complications from the pancreatic cancer surgery a few months later.

The reason I wrote a letter instead of talking with him is because, knowing him as I did, I knew he would be resistant and defensive, and I would never get out all the information I felt could help him.  I am sharing this letter in the hopes that it may help someone else who is having issues with their pancreas, knows someone who does or recognizes the characteristics and can prevent this outcome.


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A New Year Means An Opportunity For A New Beginning

A New Year Means An Opportunity For A New Beginning

A New Year Means an Opportunity for a New Beginning.

As 2015 Comes To a Close,

Let the Winds of Change

Sweep Away All the Pain, Fear and Frustration of the Past Year

And Let It Be Replaced With Gratitude For All That Was Gained.



May You Enter 2016 with a Healed Heart,

A Clear Mind

And Your Loving Spirit.


2016 is in your hands








You Hold Your Future In Your Hands.

Choose To Be Free.

Choose Peace.

Allow The New Perspective That Healing Brings.

May You And Your Loved Ones Find Only Peace and Love In 2016.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

Copyright © 2015 Indigo Sky, LLC; All Rights Reserved

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A Holiday Keepsake Activity: A Lifelong Gift for Yourself and Others

A Holiday Keepsake Activity:  A Lifelong Gift for Yourself and Others

The holidays are the perfect time for me to post this activity I came up with, since it’s the most likely time of year when you will see your loved ones.

Now that most people (including children) have cell phones with cameras, and seem to be taking pictures of every little thing, please take this opportunity to take ones that really matter and will bring you joy for years to come.

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The Power of “I AM”

The Power of “I AM”

When I say “I Am,” I am affirming to the universe, my subconscious mind, my soul, and the cells of my physical and vibrational bodies what I believe about myself. They will all believe what I believe and act on that, giving me more to support my beliefs. [via psychological imperative, the Law of Attraction, The Law of Resonance, and the Law of Vibration]

Beliefs are either empowering or limiting.

Therefore, our beliefs make us either confident or afraid.  


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My Heart Is Heavy.

My Heart Is Heavy.

First and foremost, my prayers for peace and healing go out to all those affected by the two mass shootings in the US today and worldwide recently.

Please be an instrument of peace and a light-bringer as often as you can; you never know who feels out of control, powerless and unloved.


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