Overcoming Programming by Reprogramming

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Overcoming Programming by Reprogramming

The full title of this should be Overcoming How We’ve Been Programmed by Western Medicine, Advertising Messages and the Pharmaceutical Companies to Care for Our Physical Bodies by Reprogramming (It’s just too long, but it is more explanatory.)

The following comment was posted to 8 Reasons People Do Nothing Or Next to Nothing to Eliminate Chronic and Recurring Physical Pain  on 2-24-2014. This post is the reply.

Can’t someone believe everything you have said but have the attitude, “I can’t be bothered” because they truly don’t want to put in the work it would take to fix it?

Everyone wants to be better and healthier but not willing to do the work.

The pharmaceuticals have enabled the masses to feel better without doing any significant work. For most, ignorantly I might add, that route has the biggest payout with the least amount of work. How do you overcome that?


Hello Mago,

Thank you for your question and comment. First of all, I want to say that I agree with what you said about pharmaceuticals. But if someone truly believes everything I said in that article, especially that your body is your messenger, I don’t think they could have that attitude. Agreeing is not the same as believing.

I also don’t believe that everyone, subconsciously, wants to be better and healthier.

I believe that if someone is not willing to do the work, then they are still guided by one or more of the subconscious reasons or beliefs listed.

It all comes down to choice.

Time, money and effort guide most decisions these days. It’s about priorities. The attitude you described is one that does not hold “true” health and well-being as a priority; feeling better is enough.

“To lead long, healthy, and fulfilling lives, we must heal the limiting beliefs that lie at the core of our deepest hurts.”

Gregg Braden; The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits

A Course In Miracles defines health as “inner peace.”

To me, true health and well-being are permanent states of being, achieved through self-awareness, healing all unresolved emotional issues, becoming the master of your mind, and being unconditionally loving and forgiving toward oneself and others.

In my opinion, what you are really asking is how do we overcome our programming and compete with all the magic bullets available?



First, we overcome our programming with logic/understanding and finding out what we want.

  1. The pharmaceutical companies make money, lots of it, off of our pain. They have no desire to cure us. Why would they, when cure = lost customer, and they are all about profits?  (Do I want to support this? Do I want to contribute to this? )
  2. Knowing that pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications may make you feel better but they are not healing the source. You can’t spell healthy without h-e-a-l!

(Am I interested in a permanent solution or a temporary fix? Do I care about the possible long-term effect and side effects?

  1. Knowing that taking pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medication are not in our best interest over the long-term. (Instant gratification is another problem with today’s human.)

I chose to stop using pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications years ago because I would not be party to their growing presence, power and profits, and because knew it was in my best interest to find other solutions.


Reprogramming Behavior

Next, we reprogram our behaviors by identifying the habits and replacing them with new, productive, healing ones.

For example, instead of reaching for a pain-killer/analgesic:

  1. Take some deep breaths and direct the breaths to the source of the pain (with or without your hands).
  2. Try some hands-on-healing.
    • Visualize the white light of heaven coming down through the top of your head, traveling down your arms and into your hands.
    • Rub your hands together vigorously and ask something like, ‘May my hands be full of light and healing.’
    • Place your hands over or around (back and front) the pain, and feel the energy pouring though your hands and into your body.
    • Do this for a few minutes or until the pain subsides.
  1. If it’s a structural (including headaches), do some stretching and range of motion exercises with conscious breathing; breathe into the pain. Icing, or heat, if recommended. (Icing can not hurt but heat can exacerbate the problem.)
  2. Try acupressure. (Requires research.)
  3. Interpreting the body’s messages.
    • Investigate the chakra associated with the location of your pain, identify the emotional issue or issues causing it, and start working to heal it or them.
    • Investigate the possible symbolic meaning of your pain. And take note of what you were thinking, doing or saying at the time it started. And again, start working to heal it.

You get the point.

Researching/learning about alternative methods helps in the reprogramming by providing new options.


Reprogramming Beliefs

Last, we reprogram our beliefs. This requires uncovering what you actually believe and using affirmations or mantras regularly in order to plant the new beliefs in your subconscious.

Here are some I embraced that made a big difference in my life.

  • I am not a body, I have a body. I AM spirit.
  • My body is my messenger, my guide.
  • Everything happens for a reason. (EHFAR)

This is the work. This is attention/awareness/being conscious.

The Purpose of Physical Pain series and what will come after, were intended to change minds and beliefs with logic, and make the reprogramming easier. I will continue with my intended path, as this one post may not be persuasive enough to accomplish the widespread changing of minds I hope for.

Much of this information was to be presented after the exploration of pain. But timing is everything, so here it is. It may need to be repeated but repetition leads to integration, so there is no harm in doing so.

I hope I have adequately answered your question, Mago.

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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