Newtown, Connecticut, and Sandy Hook Elementary: Thoughts, Feelings and Prayers

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Newtown, Connecticut, and Sandy Hook Elementary: Thoughts, Feelings and Prayers


Our world experienced two more deeply disturbing incidents today. My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to all the people at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, to all those in Newtown, Connecticut and to all those in the Chenpeng Village of Henan province, China, and at the Wanquan Elementary School.

Thank You Great Spirit for watching over the souls of those departed and for watching over the survivors and helping guide them to peace and healing. [Join me if you will.]

Please forgive me if it offends you, but I will not be using any low-energy* words to describe this very low-energy event. You may feel like I am not giving enough weight to the event because I’m using only mild language. Everyone else is using those works and I have worked for a long time to be conscious of the energy produced by my thoughts, words and actions, so I won’t contribute.

In addition, I feel that especially on a day like today, when most of the country and some of the world will be experiencing low-energy feelings, thinking low-energy thoughts, and speaking low-energy words, it is the responsibility of all conscious individuals to send as much high-energy out into the Universal Consciousness as possible, to attempt to counteract all the low.

I want to address some of the common questions that surround such an event.

Why didn’t anyone see this coming? Weren’t there red flags?

When I hear stories like today’s, I know that two more people slipped through the cracks, and whose pain went unidentified and unassisted. These people must have been in considerable pain and acting out of fear. These people, and all others who have perpetuated such violent acts, were overlooked. They were not given the attention and healing they needed, nor were they taught productive coping strategies that would prevent such an act from happening. Violence is often the final act of a desperate person.

According to Dr. Phil, no one just snaps. “People turn to violence when they have run out of socially acceptable ways to express themselves.” And I add, to get what they need.

Was there no one they could talk with? Did no one see their pain? Did no one care?

Some people are too busy to notice. Others are in so much pain themselves that they can’t see through it to help others. Heal yourself and you can help heal the world.

How could this be happening?

The world’s conditions are reflections of our minds; the violence in our minds- the anger, the frustration, the judgment, the criticism, and the abuse, directed at self and others.

Peace in our minds will create peace in our world and practicing peace needs to be taught to our children. They will not learn it from our examples. Are you modeling peace?

How do we keep this from happening again?

My prayers have become more about peace and healing lately. There is so much unrecognized and unresolved pain, wrong and painful thinking, and unhealthy perceptions that we are not evolving as a species.

As a society, as a global community, as interconnected vibrational beings, we haven’t learned the lessons that these ever increasing mass shootings are here to teach us.

Until we have peace in our minds we cannot have peace in the world. It’s not about the guns; it’s about mental, emotional and spiritual health, it’s about people having their needs met, it’s about people feeling heard and significant.

An incident like today is a call for love.

I pray for the world’s understanding of the need for more early intervention with individuals with mental health issues, trauma/PTSD, molestation, violation, and bullying. Our parents are unguided and often misguided in dealing with the aforementioned issues. Teachers can only do so much to get help for their students who they recognize as needing help.

The lack of available and affordable mental health treatment along with the continued stigma attached to it, keep those who need help from getting it.

I am deeply concerned about the children and adults directly involved as a witness to this event. All these people, especially the children, need proper counseling to prevent the effects of the day’s events from taking permanent hold in their minds and hearts and turning into PTSD. Parents, please seek out professional treatment or guidance for yourself and your children. How this situation is dealt with could have an impact on them and you for years to come if not handled properly. Unexpressed, unresolved emotions in childhood become triggers for all manners of unpleasant behavior and dis-ease later.

I worked in special-ed schools during a few lock-downs. I wasn’t easy to keep my fear from the children, but it was part of my job. It is now the job of the parents of those children involved in today’s event. Parents need to comfort their children and make them feel safe. This goes for children all over the world who have heard the news. Children may need to sleep with you for a while, until the initial anxiety subsides.

They may be fearful of going to school. We have to lie. We have to make them feel safe; to feel that this is an isolated incident and will never happen again.

Tell them everyday and all the loved ones you live with, at least once when they leave and once when they come home: I love you and I’m so grateful you’re safe.

Spread love, spread peace, spread security, and spread high-energy gratitude.

“…in the depths of our consciousness, we have the seeds of compassion and the seeds of violence.” Thich Nhat Hanh

We have a choice at any given moment. Which seeds are you sowing? What seeds are you sowing in your children? What seeds will you now choose to water? What kind of energy do you want to put out into the Universal Consciousness?

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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As always, comments of any sort are welcome.

* AKA low frequency, low vibrations, low vibrational frequency


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