More On Improving Earth School and Its Synchronicities

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More On Improving Earth School and Its Synchronicities

Welcome to the continuing exploration of the changes that could be made by the “administrators” of EarthSchool to increase its success. In other words, what can be done to increase the speed of the evolution of human beings into spiritual beings thriving during a human existence?

Question 1: Are The Memory-Wipe And Its Effects The Real Human Condition?   

[see Part 1]

As if the forgetting and the suffering it causes weren’t enough, it is replaced with the unfortunate ability to focus solely only on what’s missing and what’s wrong, (when not being conscious). In general, this is a function of the human brain, the limited perception we have access to and our programming.

When we were young, unfortunately, many of us learned (were conditioned) to recognize that we got more attention (albeit, negative attention), for what we did wrong/what was wrong with our behavior. This programmed us to see what’s wrong and missing as well.

We can reprogram ourselves now by being conscious and focusing on all that is right and all that is working in our lives, with ourselves and with others! This level of focus will clear the way for remembering!


Question 2: Could We Increase the Number of Mediums and Clairvoyants?

What if there were many more people who could communicate with spirit or non-physical beings?

If these numbers increased to the point that the majority of people either have this ability or know someone who does, then we can all receive important messages we need to heal, grow and awaken.

We could all have proof of the existence of spirit (which many seem to need) and receive messages from the other side, which will:

  • Give us access to receiving regular guidance from and opportunities to communicate with our loved ones who have crossed over
  • Provide us with new beliefs
    • in past lives and the ramifications
    • in a sacred contract
    • in soul contracts with others
    • in lessons and messages
    • that we are all eternal, spiritual, vibrational beings
  • Remove the fear of death
  • Remove the fear of loss
  • Remove the fear of being alone (by knowing we are never alone -comforting but also kind of creepy!)
  • Remove the fear of dying alone
  • Lessen grief
  • Speed the process of healing from grief and moving on
  • Aid in healing wounds of the past
  • Change the way we see and treat ourselves and each other: as the eternal, vibrational beings we are

The end of the Mayan calendar on 12-21-12 supposedly brought a shift in energy; maybe this was the administrative overhaul that we are talking about. Maybe there has been an increase in the power of non-physical beings to communicate with us. Maybe there has been a thinning of the veil so more of us can see.

The original article was published on 7/25; the two questions came to me immediately after that. Before I could finish this post, there were quite a few synchronicities related to this idea: Was the post or the reflection triggered by writing the post the attractor?

Either way, I believe I received an answer! (They’re working on it!)

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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Synchronicities for Me and Ones Related to Improving EarthSchool


Many of the synchronicities that occurred seemed to answer my second question in More On Improving Earth School. [link]


  1. I      was inspired to switch from watching/listening to Ellen repeats to seeing      what RickiLake had going on. It appears      that this show is a platform expanding knowledge and consciousness.
  2. On      RickiLake: James Van Praagh (2nd      8/20 -used term “soul lesson.”) and Allison DuBois
  3. RickiLake and Maureen Hancock sounds      like Boston, the psychic in suburbia      on TV (not available from my television provider.) book The Medium Next Door.      8-16: Maureen Hancock and then her nieces with the same gift; sister, Rose      Dalton, energy healer and light      reader. Again 8/20. Used term “soul mate.”
  4. ‘found’      Psychic Tia on A&E briefly (NJ): spell and candle magic, psychic,      medium- healing and releasing
  • i      recognized the cards she was using as ones I had bought for myself.      (Possibly as early as middle school.) I never really used them because      they felt cheesy. But if they are good enough for Psychic Tia, they are      good enough for me!

I have not had much success with my attempts at any form of divination. (Tarot, pendulum, pathfinder/oracle board—–) I believe I am hindered by my lack of visualization skills.


I had heard that divination cards needed to be a gift. I’ve had two sets given to me. The artwork was beautiful. They were just too large for my hands to feel comfortable with.

Not too long ago, I heard that divination cards needed to be chosen by the owner and his/her connection to the cards.


The cards i have been using are comfortable size but i have not had success with them. So I was compelled to find those cards and do a reading. I followed the directions for the short reading, since it was late: shuffle and make a wish. Then start flipping the cards over while counting and if the joker shows up at an even number, your wish will come true. (Cheesy!) Regardless, I put my energy into my wish for financial serenity.

So, I started flipping and counting. When did the joker come out? #50(and there were only 51 cards included in this “reading.”) Wish Granted!!!!

My interpretation of the joker coming out all the way at the end, literally, making me wait, shows me more waiting before my wish will be granted. (Everything happens in Divine right time and Divine right order and everything is revealed to me in Divine right time and Divine right order.) And since I am currently 50 years old (for a little more than one more month) is the reading telling me it will happen while i am still 50?

  1. who reminded me of a friend from the most fun time in my life
  2. August 29th on the Ricki Lake Show, the child or Baby Whisperer     internationally known psychic readings with children addressing sleeping,         eating and behavioral disorders Derek


[Last year I found the LI Medium on TLC.]

During this same time period, there have been synchronicities for learning that i will post soon.


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