I am very grateful to the following individuals for taking the time to write out their support.


Dear Michele:

Our session was the best thing ever!!! I’ve had such a blessed evening, in such joy and just worry-free, I feel my heart and mind just so much lighter. I want to feel this way all the time, I don’t want to forget. You truly are a miracle-like blessing!

Thank you for all the links! Precious information. I just have so much information to work-thru right now and I want to do some of that before getting back with you again… So it might be a couple weeks… I’m in the middle of finals too.

Please let me know when you receive your money order and my thank you letter 🙂

In the beginning I thought I needed so much help working thru past-issues, but I’m in wonder to see those issues dissolve themselves in the midst of this new understanding in my life… It doesn’t matter anymore… Because I’m healing. From the inside-out I’m healing… And I don’t think I was even as broken as I thought I was.

Thank you again!!!

Isabella J.

Jacksonville, FL


Your guide to healing and self-acceptance has changed my life! I already don’t even think the same anymore. THANK YOU!!!

Isabella J.

Jacksonville, FL


Rev. Michele is amazing! She helped me realize that I am as good as anyone else, and helped me accept myself, just as I am. I am more confident now and value myself. I am grateful for my new perception.

Thanks again, Rev.

Mark P.

Cleveland, OH


I didn’t have a happy childhood and Rev. Michele recognized how it has impacted my life since. She helped me heal and accept what I didn’t get from my parents. She helped me evolve to a self-delivery model. I now have all my needs met and I also know I deserve it. Thanks, Michele, I’d still be miserable if it wasn’t for you.

James R.

Tampa, FL


Rev. Michele’s ability to see clearly from a higher perspective helped me recognize how wrong I was seeing my life and myself. Since starting with Michele, I’ve changed my thought patterns, recognized the gifts in my life and am open to receiving all my blessings.

Kelly M.

Thousand Oaks, CA


I’ve never met anyone as compassionate, non-judgmental and insightful as Rev. Michele. Her ability to read between the lines and uncover long repressed wounds is really amazing. She guided me to heal things I didn’t realize needed healing, including what I believed about myself. Thanks, Michele, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Sarah B.

Wantagh, NY

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