Increasing Gratitude and Awareness of Abundance in Your Life: The Benefits and How-To

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Increasing Gratitude and Awareness of Abundance in Your Life: The Benefits and How-To

I have become a gratitude-junkie. Most of my directed thoughts express the great many things and people I am grateful for and sending them blessings. Why?

Two reasons:

1. Because gratitude increases the awareness of the abundance in my life and has replaced most of my critical, negative and limiting thoughts.

2. Because as a vibrational being, I am conscious of keeping my vibrational frequency high. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational feelings.  Expressing gratitude sends vibrations of love throughout the body, out into others and the universe. When it is deeply felt, it also produces joy and peace.

I submitted the above titled guest post to Abundance Tapestry that just published in time for Thanksgiving. Please check it out!

But I couldn’t let this holiday pass without praising and recommending practicing gratitude on my site.

I am not a big supporter of Thanksgiving because of its origins. But if it brings people together, and they take the opportunity to practice gratitude, then it’s OK in my book!

There is so much to be grateful for when families gather. The table is full of food, laughter erupts often, and we spend time with people we chose to teach us.

As many people tend to overindulge, it is also the perfect time to be grateful for you digestive system. And since we’re at it, being around a group of people is a good time to be grateful for your immune system.

So, please spend some time today in gratitude and perhaps it will be the start of a new, wonderful habit!

There was a word limit on the guest post, so I had to omit some of the triggers and objects of gratitude that I would have like to include. So I add them here!

And, as is my process, some new items ‘came to me’ so I have added them here.

Triggers: Things   and Activities Objects of   Gratitude (expressed in words-silently or aloud, be specific)


Taking a shower Physical body- individual parts; be grateful for what each   one does for you as you wash it
Car Convenience, your job, your community, your income and its   sources
Bird, flag Freedom of choice, speech, religion, free time to attend to your needs and creative pursuits
Chair, sitting, bending Spine, vertebrae and joints, and all the synovial fluid   flowing around them that keeps them moving
Before you go to sleep Your bed, pillows, sheets, and blankets, all the people who made these, for your comfort
Pen Your skills, gifts, talents, employment, your education, your brain, your fingers and hands
Mirror Your perfectly functioning organs and miraculous operating systems
When you get dressed    and undressed For the clothes that someone else made for you


Add to bills The post office and your mail carrier
Add to door opportunities


I also have the space to share a couple of my gratitudes.

When I step out into the sunshine, I think or say: “Thank you Sun. I am so grateful to see you and to feel you. Thank you for your warmth. Thank you for all the beauty you create and illuminate. Thank you for the ever changing beauty you provide. Thank you for nourishing our food supply.”

One of my most frequently repeated gratitudes, as it is tacked on to the end of every other one, is: “Thanks you for this magnificent planet without which none of this would be possible.”

Get addicted to gratitude! Become a gratitude-junkie! (I need more members in the club!)

May you always have Peace, Love, Gratitude, and the continued awareness of the Abundance in your life.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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