How To Ensure Happy Holidays

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How To Ensure Happy Holidays

The approaching holidays create a special energy. For some people, it is excitement, but for others, it’s dread.

If you are one of the people who are dreading the holidays for any reasons beyond planning, cooking, traveling, or money, please read on.


Are You Dreading The Holidays?

  • Have anger, resentment or pain been triggered by the thought of seeing someone at the holidays?
  • Are you experiencing anxiety because of the way someone has acted or treated you at past holidays?
  • Do you KNOW that someone is going to judge and criticize you?
  • Are you expecting drama?
  • Are you sweating over KNOWING people are going to ask you questions you don’t want to answer?

If you bring with you all that anger, worry or pain, they will spend the holidays with you.


Ask yourself one question:

Do You Want To Enjoy The Holidays?

Here are some things you can do to ensure you enjoy your holidays.


Preparing for Peaceful and Happy Holidays


  1. Being Mindful Of Your Holiday-Related Thoughts.  

a.If the thoughts are negative or trigger painful feelings, commit now to interrupt them and replace them. You can use any of the following or one of your own. Use them as replacements and regularly throughout the day. (If you add a smile to your replacement, it will increase the vibrational impact of your affirmation.)

  • I choose peace and joy.
  • I don’t need to be right, win or get back at someone; I need peace. I choose peace. I deserve peace.
  • I choose peace over getting sucked into drama.
  • I can change the whole tone of the holidays. I am a peace bringer.
  • I am willing to see everyone anew.

If you continue this practice daily, by the time the holidays arrive, you will have created a habit that will allow you to retain your center of peace and shine with love.

b. If the thoughts/feelings are ones of resentment, anger or hurt, would you be willing to forgive as a holiday gift for yourself? If you’re not quite ready to forgive, would you at least be willing to let it go for the holidays? You will find no peace or joy in your holidays if you carry that anger or pain with you.

c. If the thoughts/feelings are ones of anxiety, please stop assuming. Recognize, interrupt and replace with “I can create the future with my thoughts. I choose to think peaceful thoughts.”

In addition, if the anxiety is a result of people who get under your skin and irritate you, please start affirming. “I accept people as they are.”

(These people give us the opportunity to practice acceptance or this person may be mirroring back to us something we need to acknowledge and work on within ourselves.)

  1. Please Set The Intention To Enjoy The Holidays With A Clean Slate. Choose to see your loved ones as if you’re meeting them for the first time. Hold no expectations. Do not bring the past with you. Decide here and now that you will enjoy the social aspect of the holidays. Decide to be a peace-bringer.
  2. Self-Awareness/Examination

You may not know it, but you have definitions for words like love, friend, parent, mother, father, family, sister, brother, cousin, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, … Your definitions, subconsciously and/or consciously, create expectations for your behavior and for others; a set of requirements or rights assigned to the label. Not everyone has the same definitions. If you are having difficulty in your relationships, examine your definitions as they may be causing unrealistic expectations and harming your relationships. The best relationships demonstrate mutual acceptance, mutual need satisfaction and unconditional love.

  1. Setting the Tone

Think of something nice to say to each person when you greet them. Giving a compliment will set the tone. If you can’t think of any, just use some blanket statements like:

  • You look wonderful.
  • I love your ___.
  • I’m so grateful you could make it.
  1. Make It A Family Thing

If you feel comfortable inviting anyone else to join you in your intention, please do so, and multiply your effects and subtract from the potential problems!


Things To Do On The Day Of The Gathering

  1. Do you know that it is okay to NOT answer a question?

It’s okay to say “I don’t want to talk about that. Thank you for your interest (or concern) and thank you for respecting my wishes.”

It’s also okay to say “I don’t know” when you prefer not to answer.

  1. Is Alcohol Part of the Problem?

If alcohol is responsible for any of the drama, you can be the water- bearer.

  1. Maintaining Your Intention

Just because you have set the intention to enjoy the holidays, doesn’t mean you won’t be confronted with negativity or button-pushers . Here are some things you can practice saying when you’re confronted with people who disrupt your peace:

Remember not to react by remembering to pause. Take a deep breath in through the nose and slowly let it out while thinking “I choose peace.” Smile. Then say one of the following:

  • Good to know.
  • I’ll consider that.
  • Thank you for sharing.
  • Let’s agree to disagree.
  • I’ll take that under advisement.
  • That’s an interesting perspective.
  • Thank you for bringing that to my attention.
  • I’ll look into it.


You can use them in any combination, if that person persists. Doing this will assure you maintain your center of peace and love. It may even bring them up to your high-frequency vibrational level, instead of letting them bring you down to theirs by feeding into their low-vibration behavior and thinking.


Give yourself the gift of peaceful, joyful holidays!

If I left out any situation you may need to manage, please feel free to ask.

May you all enjoy peaceful and happy holidays.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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