Gifts from Out of the Blue – Part 2

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Gifts from Out of the Blue – Part 2

By 1999, my life was processed through the belief that everything happens for a reason. All the lessons and synchronicities had been revealed and the messages received. I recognized how they led me to where, who and what I was now, and could now see they would continue to lead me.


There were four outstanding guides behind my decision to resign:

  1. At the beginning of the ‘99-2000 school year, my supervisor told us we could “no longer afford quality,” so I started considering alternative careers. (If it was happening at this well-funded facility, it was happening everywhere in education.) Near the end of that school year, the Universe showed me it had another plan. I didn’t imagine it was a short-term plan, not after being led to the most fulfilling years of my career – what I came to believe was fulfilling my mission. (And my social life was sacrificed for this short-term mission.)
  2. March of 2004 – A torn meniscus in my left knee after being told earlier in the month of the impending and unwanted change we weren’t allowed to mention and had to lie about when anyone asked us about next year. (These were the frustrations that brought about the delivery of the the first portable reminder of intention.)
  3. June of 2004 – The delivery of a male kitten in desperate need of a home, and the sudden onset of multiple eye issues requiring up to nineteen doses of up to nine different drops and ointment per day, with regular trips to the veterinary ophthalmologist. Spike, who I almost named Angel, was diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions, but they all miraculously cleared up not long after I handed in my letter of resignation, in August of 2004.
  4. The day in July my materials were moved back to the vomit-green home building that used to be my middle school, (where I had worked for years in a 20’ x 20′ white space) and I saw the dark, 5’ x 8’ space that would serve as my new office. (Plus, I had spent the past three years in a double-sized classroom in a cheery district school where my best had been good enough.)

2007 – The Purpose of the First Three Gifts Revealed

I moved from New York to North Carolina to be near my parents.  Most of my reading now was of energy or vibrational medicine, the chakras, spirituality, the supernatural, Eastern religions and healing practices, the Law of Attraction, a little physics and neuroscience, and more psychology.

It came to my attention that the things that had been delivered to me could not have been meant for me alone, so I started working on a book combining what had been delivered.

  1. “The word” was the title, a guide,  and an organizer, as well as memorable, and great for branding.
  2. The nine self-awareness assignments which had many side effects,  one of the most important being a natural shift into self-acceptance: the portal to a different perception of myself, my Self, others, life, the world, and the Universe. (The guided self-awareness appeared to be a method of befriending myself while completing the development my psyche for myself; creating an identity that is helpful, not hindering. This opened the portal to more widespread compassion and acceptance.)
  3. The first portable reminder and intention became the template for many The original delivery helped me recognized we all need reminders. I already knew the students did but had not applied it to “adults” before then. (For me, something easily felt, seen, touched, smelled, or heard worked best. My first name for them was Pocket Change.)

While working on the book, new developmental theories emerged and missing milestones brought to light. I saw what we gave our students and recognized what had been missing in my own development and in regular education.However, the length was a serious concern and for some reason, I just couldn’t finish it.

In June of 2011, we had a wonderful 50th anniversary party for my parents, including surprise attendees that flew in from New York. In November, my father passed away.

With the help of a coach, was launched in June of 2012, along with a Facebook page to try to grow my platform and “brand.” Within a few months, he asked me to put together a PDF of at least forty pages to give away for free with the subscription to my website.  The nine assignments were used, with the addition of a tenth.

Please join me for Gifts 4 and 5: The Missing Link.

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May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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