Evolution of Needs and Your 7 Bodies of Health

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Evolution of Needs and Your 7 Bodies of Health

Today I want to introduce you to how the levels of needs apply to your seven bodies of health.

Just to review, your seven bodies of health are as follows:

  • Physical (includes sexual)
  • Financial
  • Vibrational/Energetic
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Relational/Social
  • Spiritual/Creative

Our mental, physical and vibrational needs are mostly the same throughout life; they do not evolve, except where related to other bodies of health.

Our emotional and relational bodies of health are intricately entwined and cannot be separated until certain skills, beliefs

and ways of thinking emerge. This was explained in detail the introduction to your seven bodies of health.

Within the emotional/relational bodies of health, there are generally three levels of needs: the basic and advanced levels, and then the evolved, spiritual level encompassing our spiritual/creative needs. Our basic needs are the ones we should receive from our caregivers when we are dependent and developing. Our advanced needs are the ones we should actively and consciously seek for ourselves once we are aware of them. And in general, our spiritual/creative needs can be achieved once you have mastered your human needs, although, some may be achieved before.

In short, some of our emotional/relational needs are for the developing human only. Therefore, they need to be outgrown, to evolve and be replaced with an advanced need.

Financial needs are for the independent human but should be introduced (taught, modeled, and allowed with a beginners level of responsibility) to the developing human in the preparation phase so they can slide easily into the productive phase.

Sexual needs don’t evolve and are an area of great conflict in our society. This is an area that requires careful consideration and a great deal of discussion between caregivers and developing humans. Many adults remain sexually repressed due to their upbringing where it was either not discussed or felt shameful.

There are many problems associated with sex as they relate to early abuse, neglected discussion and abstinence-only teachings. Since, sex is an important aspect of any romantic relationship, shame, repression, and fear can seriously damage a relationship. This is an area that needs to be addressed on an individual basis.

Spiritual/creative needs are our emotional/relational needs evolved. If they are modeled for or taught to the developing human, that developing human will be so much the better for it.

Reaching for our evolved needs can happen at any time; actually, the earlier, the better. In most cases, one may even pass the “unevolved” need and start with the evolved one. (As I bypassed self-esteem and started with self-acceptance.) Generally, this could only happen with guidance from a spiritually advanced parent, caregiver, mentor, or teacher. Rarely will one have the presence of mind to achieve it alone. However, this information in the hands of a developing human could be that mentor. So I believe that all of humanity will evolve when all our basic needs are met during the dependent phase, and when all our advanced needs and all our evolved needs are met as early as possible.

Many people never get to their evolved needs and those of us who do, often spend our 20’s, 30’s and sometimes even 40’s suffering. Can you imagine how much simpler your life would have been if you had know this as a developing human? If you had known why you’re here and how it all works? The next generations can be gifted this information. But for you, your evolution starts now!

The next post will explain why you should take the time to understand your needs and what happens when developing needs aren’t met.

Please feel free to leave any comments , questions or concerns below.

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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