Evicting The Worrier

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Evicting The Worrier

Transform your thoughts of worry into thoughts of gratitude with this ONE EASY STEP. The more you practice, the quicker it will become a habit. (This is how I became a Gratitude-Junkie!)


When you recognize a thought of worry coming on or already spinning out of control, you are going to interrupt it and create a thought of gratitude for the outcome you desire.

I Will Interrupt All My Thoughts of Worry

And Replace Them

With Thoughts of Gratitude

For the Outcome I Desire,

In The Highest Interest of All Involved.


For Example: Do you worry a lot about the safety of others? Try this replacement.

“Thank you *, for always keeping (name or names) safe, healthy, satisfied, and existing with ease. May they always heed the wisdom of their angels to guide them to what they need.”

(Insert deity of you choice, if you choose.)

Money Worries? Try These.

  1. Thank you for opening the way for great financial abundance for me. (Think of this as trying on a new and beneficial belief. The more often you say it, the more you will start to believe it. We choose what we believe!)
  2. Smile when you say it to increase your vibrational connection to your thought.
  3. Look at what you currently believe about money that may be blocking it from coming to you or you from receiving it.

General Mantras That Work Well for Worry Replacement

I am safe, loved and protected at all times and in all ways.

I always have access to everything I need.

Everything happens for a reason.

Let’s eradicate the greatest waste of mental time and physical stress:
Will you start practicing to eradicate worry in your life?
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May you perceive and receive all your blessings.
With Much Love,
Rev. Michele
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