Engaging the Power of Your Sense of Smell for Health and Healing

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Engaging the Power of Your Sense of Smell for Health and Healing

While I was working on the follow-up to the pick the brain post about changing your mood instantly, I got to the one on smell (they are sensory fixes). I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the subject justice in a paragraph and I want my readers to have more in depth information, as this is a personal favorite of mine.

I have an acute sense of smell, so I use essential oils, incense and scented candles often. Unpleasant smells can be very distracting for me, so I can create the mental environment I seek just by choosing what to smell.

When I taught, I used calming blends in my classroom, not because of unpleasant smells but to try to create the appropriate mental conditions for my students. Of course, I couldn’t have open flames in the classroom, so I found an electronic fan-diffuser. The kids would come over and take a deep breath!

Essential oils can be used for healing vibrational, mental and physical conditions with no side-effects. Why not give it a try?

Below I have added a collection of books and products to assist in your experimentation with essential oils for healing and health. I personally own and rely on the following but I have also included some items that are on my wish list that may interest you.

-Erich Keller: The Complete Home Guide to Aromatherapy – Self-Help with Essential Oils

-Valerie Ann Worwood: The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

-Connie and Alan Higley and Pat Leatham: Aromatherapy A-Z

– I also have an aromatherapy decoder I got from AromaLand.

I have used many different brands of essential oils over the years. Honestly, I have never found a difference, as long as they were 100% pure. Some of the companies are no longer in business, including the one who made wonderful blends for colds and all associated ailments. So I tried to find other companies who make comparable blends.

Of course, you can make your own blends, but that requires having a large assortment of oils to choose from. I do have a large assortment and I have to tell you the cabinet that I store them in smells wonderful. I often fan the door open and closed to spread the aroma throughout the room!

I had this wonderful bath treatment that I was unable to find after I first got it. I tried to replicate it by using the list of essential oils, but without the measurements, I was unable to duplicate it.

I started my collection with starter-kits and sample-size collections, so I could experiment. Eventually, I invested in the bigger sizes for the ones I use most.

I also purchase base oils to make massage oils, an oil burner and tons of tea light candles for the burner. As stated above, they make electronic diffusers, car diffusers that plug into the cigarette lighter and ceramic rings that sit on top of an open light bulb.

Each essential oil can be selected by:

–         Treatment type- simulating or uplifting, calming or soothing, anti-depressant, balancing, anti-fungal, analgesic, anti-bacterial (and even aphrodisiac).

–         Associated chakra

–         Associated organs

–         Medicinal purpose

–         Method of delivery: inhalation, massage, bath, hot and cold compress

They can even be used for disinfecting the air in your home or made into disinfecting cleansers.

Some can be ingested and some cannot. Some can be applied directly to the skin and some cannot. This is why you need guides.

Some of the most common oils and uses are:

–         Eucalyptus: colds and flu

–         Bergamot: anxiety, digestive issues and deodorant. It also balances other scents.

–         Lavender: calming and improving sleep. It also boosts the healing properties of many other oils.

–         Peppermint: headaches, stomach and digestive issues and insect repellant

–         Tea Tree: as an anti-fungal it treats many skin issues, including cold sores, ringworm and acne.

–         Rosemary: colds, breathing aid,

One of my favorite recipes for a stuffed nose is six drops of rosemary, eight drops of eucalyptus and six drops of lavender. You can put this in a burner or combine in a vial so you can carry it around.

I encourage you to start your own collection of oils and favorite recipes. You will enjoy the process and the effects.


May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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If you have any favorite recipes, I would love to try them out, so please share them below.

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