Enabling Change

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Enabling Change

In an article published on LifeHack, I described how to stop clenching and grinding your teeth, but I left out one critical step: how to hold the intention or how to remember to be conscious of the change desired! I discussed it on ReturnLove in December, in Creating True Peace: Part 2. But why is change so hard?

Why Is Change So Hard?

Change is hard because your unhealthy ego, your subconscious, your family, and/or friends may be opposed to your intentions to change and may sabotage you.

Change is hard because staying conscious of your intentions requires effort.

We live in an age of tips, tricks and hacks. Only the promise of a magic bullet solution seems to gets peoples attention these days. So, are you ready to put your awareness where your intentions are?

6 Prerequisites to Change

Before one is ready to change, actually ready, one has to:

  •         Get past the fear of change.
  •         Get past the fear of uncertainty.
  •         Get past the fear of the unknown.
  •         Be willing to leave their comfort zone (the status quo) and be uncomfortable. Release the comfort of the familiar.  (Even pain can become familiar and predictable. For many, there is comfort in ‘knowing’ of what’s to come, even if it is painful.)
  •         Believe they deserve something better.
  •         Believe they can be different.

If you have conquered these six issues, then you are ready!


What’s Next?

Once you get over those, the next challenging parts of changing any aspect of your life are:

  1. Knowing what to change
  2. Knowing where to start
  3. Knowing how to change
  4. Remembering to change, by remembering to use your new approach.

If you are reading this article then you probably already have a pretty good idea of what you want to change. But change can’t happen when we’re running on auto-pilot, as most people are these days. A space has to be made to remember.

How do we remember to act on the change we intend and desire?

How do we hold our intention?

How do we remember to fulfill our promises to ourselves?

The next posts will describe how to create reminders or triggers to maintain your intention for positive change!

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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