Box of Thoughts #9

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Box of Thoughts #9

I hope you all have enjoyed your summer. Please enjoy some of my most recent observations, questions, answers, or ideas.


  1. 8-21-13: On Steve Harvey:  A dating coach did a ‘singles home cleansing.’ I thought I would see someone doing smudging; cleansing the home of negative or lingering, unwanted, disruptive energy. (The promo said she was going to help make room to receive new love.)

This promoted thoughts about moving on after a break-up. Life is made up of chapters. You are the only constant character guaranteed in all chapters.

We all must be able to understand this in order to be prepared to handle loss. It helps, if you can be grateful to each person for all they taught you and gave you, both during the relationship and after.

  1. 8-22-13: Everyone I know was watching Game of Thrones, so if everyone else is doing it… The only thing that grabbed my attention in the first two episodes is the girl who was sold/married off to a man in a culture that doesn’t have a word for Thank You. She set out to find out how to make him happy – sexually.  [I gave up after four episodes: too slow for me.]
  2. 8-23-13: This is something I noticed a long time ago and I don’t know if anyone else can see it.

When I look up at the daytime sky, (bright but not direct sun), and focus closer in than the sky,* I can see synchronized, dancing particles of light. My brother said it may be on the surface of my eyes.

I choose to believe what I’m seeing is the real world, the vibrational world, and in that seeing, I know I am an extension and connected!

After seeing the movie The Celestine Prophecy, I prayed to be able to see life as he came to see it.

People see auras, energy bodies  and dis-ease. If I want to see, and believe I can see, I should be able to see. But beyond what I described, that is all I have been able to see so far!

ACIM has been addressing perception/seeing and thoughts about what we see. (I’m on Lesson 18 as of 8-24-13)

If anyone can corroborate or explain what I see, I would be very grateful!

*(like those Magic Eye pictures) it’s like looking out the window vs. looking at the window.

  1. From the movie, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice:  “All he left me with was… and some prescription–grade abandonment issues.”
  2. Good combo: psychologist and financial planner (I saw one on The Ricki Lake Show and he works with athletes – handling big money; many people can’t even manage adequate money.)
  3. I only remember having green grapes growing up. When I moved out on my own, I only bought green grapes. I don’t know how much later, but one day I saw purple grapes and wondered, “Maybe I would like purple grapes better!” And I do!

This is a function of how our early programming becomes unconscious habits. Sometimes we have to challenge the status quo!

  1. Reflections on Cults

[Programming, indoctrination, slave to, who’s running your life?]

Whoever can completely control what goes into a mind, can control that mind.

Who controls yours?

  1. The Two  Most Powerful Questions to Ask Anyone to Heal a Relationship
  1. What do you need?
  2. Do you feel loved?

          The Three Most Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself to Heal Any Relationship

  1. How can I be used as an instrument of love in this situation?
  2. How can I see this from a higher perspective?
  3. What would love do?


  1. 7 Causes of Loneliness
  1. Disconnected from spirit-self; disconnected from one’s Divinity
  2. Disconnected from authentic, soul-self
  3. Disconnected or separated from others due to unhealed wounds of the past that block you from receiving or giving love fully
  4. Disconnected from their Source
  5. Belief that one is not good enough encourages isolation.
  6. Focused on what’s missing; focused on the past.
  7. Uncomfortable being alone because ones mind in not under ones control.


May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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