Books That Changed My Beliefs: Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss

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Books That Changed My Beliefs: Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss

By the time this book reached me, I already believed in past lives and reincarnation, but I had never really considered how my past lives and life between lives affected my current life.

Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential by Caroline Myss gifted me with:
-The understanding that I co-created a Sacred Contract before incarnating into my current life which enabled a great deal of acceptance for my life as it was.
-The belief that there are tasks I agreed to complete and ‘lessons I agreed to learn in this incarnation in order to fulfill my divine potential.’
-A new understanding of the concept of karma.
-My first introduction to the chakras and vital energy.
-The recognition of how mental and emotional issues “take up residence and live in our bodies and affect or block our energy.”
-The very beneficial belief that everything happens for a reason (EHFAR) and of my own design.

A sacred contract is defined as “the guided plan for our life. We co-created our contract with divine guidance and it includes many individual agreements –or subcontracts – to meet and work with certain people, in certain places, at certain times.”

“…we have each been put here on earth to fulfill a sacred contract that enhances our personal spiritual growth while contributing to the evolution of the entire global soul.” What a wonderful to answer the question “Why am I here?” [I wrote a post by this title and much of my understanding was gained from this book that I cherish.]

Ms. Myss (pronounced like mace) provides wonderful and inspirational stories demonstrating different concepts throughout the book. Her work as a medical intuitive afforded her many examples of the material she teaches.

Since reading this book and integrating its teachings into my belief system, I allow and follow the unfolding of my life, embrace and trust change, and consider every new person I meet as potentially important to my life’s journey.

Much of my suffering was eliminated due to the knowledge and beliefs I gained from this book.

If you are still trying to figure your purpose, this book offers a series of exercises to help you interpret your contract. This book will also help you identify your archetypal patterns to use as a guide to fulfilling your divine potential, and the connection between unresolved mental and emotional issues and physical symptoms which can help you heal your physical body.

If you are seeking answers about your life, your purpose, your relationships, and your losses, I strongly recommend reading Sacred Contracts. I truly believe the information and knowledge that will be gained from this book is invaluable.

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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    • Oh my goodness, this was so meant for me today! I was shaking reading it. My intuition is busy screaming at me to stop doing something I feel I ought to be doing, and it’s locked in a battle with my rational brain, which is insisting I carry on as normal. Question is, am I brave enough to go with my intuition?

      • Hi Zasun, Always listen to your intuition, it has no other motive beside your best interest and growth. The rational mind is often plagued with fears, doubt and limiting beliefs. It can lead us astray. Be brave. Have faith and trust. Your higher self (intuition) will always steer you in the right direction.
        May Peace and Love be with you always,

    • Your blog points out so well that it’s not just talking about oneness that matters, it’s healing our disconnection with oneness that matters. Quantum physics is making it so clear that the Whole is indivisible, interconnected energy. Like the cells of the body, this energy has no meaning outside the whole. Unfortunately, forgetting that we are that energy has focused our attention on separation rather than oneness. Happily, this is a disconnect that we can all heal. Your contribution is appreciated.

      • Thank you Santos. You have seen through the illusion of separateness and understand that we are energy. With the knowledge that we are eternal, spiritual beings, we are free to release our material concerns. Acting on the knowledge that we are all connected will help change the world!

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  9. As an afterthought, the quote you shared above is one that I speak to myself daily, through the drudge and the grind, through the repetitive wiping of the kitchen counters and the cleaning of the toilets. To hear Caroline Myss say those words though (which I have heard on CD), is to drive them into your spirit with an understanding that is guidance. Especially when I have needed it most. So much of what you do may seem thankless and they are tasks that often consume you for days or weeks or months. And yet I will stand by those words, that there really is no small task.

    • Thank you for sharing, Audrey. Caroline Myss has been a great source of guidance in my life too. Don’t forget to spend some time in silence to hear your own inner guidance and to listen to the guidance your body provides.

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