Books That Changed My Beliefs: Life on the Other Side by Sylvia Browne

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Books That Changed My Beliefs: Life on the Other Side by Sylvia Browne

For a lot of people, fear a death is a pervasive force in their lives. Some people are uncertain of what happens after we die and others believe that it all just ends, that it all goes black.

What do you believe about “Heaven?” What do you believe happens when you cross over? Do you believe in it at all? Whatever your beliefs, Life on the Other Side: A Psychic’s Tour of the Afterlife by Sylvia Browne will change or confirm them. This book will answer all your questions and give you a personal tour of the other side. And it includes illustrations, which for me, who has no visualization skills, was priceless.

For me, this book gave me certainty about what happens after we pass and the wonderful assurance that I am an eternal, spiritual being. What a gift this book was for me and I believe it can be for you too.

If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, this book can help you believe that they are still with you and that you will be reunited with them again. They will be waiting for you when you cross over.

But even more than being a convincing tour through what happens after we cross over, Ms. Browne does a really good job explaining why life can be so challenging, and often difficult.

Besides describing all the details of our life that we get to choose when creating our blueprint for incarnation, we also choose which conflicts we want to work to overcome. It is important to know that our state of mind on the Other Side “is euphoric, fearless, and utterly confident. There’s nothing we feel unequipped to handle, nothing we’re reluctant to take on in our hunger for spiritual growth…” So in this state of mind we tend to be overzealous in what we choose to accomplish.

She also explains that we choose primary and secondary themes, as well as our ‘major,’ what she calls Option Lines, of which there are seven. So if you have noticed recurring patterns in your life, positive or negative, understanding your choice of themes or your ‘major’ may help you gain acceptance for what you chose.

Since she describes a place of beauty and unconditional love, you may be thinking “Why would we ever leave?” The answer that is provided is that we want to become the highest expression of ourselves by experiencing everything. We come back to advance our spiritual growth and to overcome negativity.

Death is not the end. It is simply a transition to another state of being in a beautiful love-filled dimension.

There is so much valuable information in this book that I don’t have time to go into, such as past lives, becoming a spirit guide, what happens when we get there, and how we relax on the Other Side.

So if you are having difficulty with your life-experiences, have a fear of death or are having a hard time accepting the loss of a loved one, I strongly recommend you read this book. I truly believe it will make a world of difference in your beliefs and thus, your perception of your reality.

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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  1. Your post is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards!

    • Thank you Tim. I really appreciate the praise. I’m grateful you found my site too. Please come back soon.

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