An Alternative Treatment for Healing Over-Active Bladder (OAB)

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An Alternative Treatment for Healing Over-Active Bladder (OAB)

Urgent Bladder? Urgent Matter!

Do you believe that physical/medical conditions are just things you have to accept and manage?

Instead, try on these beliefs!

Believe There Is A Message The Dis-Ease, Dis-Order Or Dis-Comfort Is Trying To Make You Aware Of So You Can Heal It.

Believe In Your BODYMIND!

Or Believe Your Body Is Your SPIRIT-MIND.

Believe In Your Connectedness To Spirit, In Your Higher Self And In The Universal Intelligence!



There seems to be an increase in the number of products and drugs available for all levels of bladder control issues lately. As the bodymind or spirit-mind message is one of urgency, doesn’t it behoove us to examine the increased need for instant gratification, and the fast-paced, over-scheduled, often frenetic and stressful lives we are leading (and modeling)?

 Over-Active Bladder Is A Message Of Urgency, So Try This!

 The moment the urge strikes, go past the fear of having an accident and start practicing the following:

Step 1. Changing Your Vibration:

Send Love and Gratitude to the Body Parts Involved.

Smile, (immediately changing your vibration),

then think or say any or all of the following:

Thank You My Miraculous Kidneys, Bladder, And Kegel Muscle For Your Patience, Your Health, And Your Perfect Functioning.

Thank You For Being My Messengers and Bringing Me Messages From My Higher Self.  

Thank You For The Message That There Is No Urgency In My Life.

Thank You For Reminding Me There Is No Urgency In My Life.


Step 2. Reprogramming Beliefs

a. Smile, then think or say:

I Am Not The Body.

I Am The Spirit Inhabiting The Body

And Communicating Through It.

My Body Is My Messenger

And The Vessel For My Spirit.

I Honor It By Heeding The Wisdom Of Its Messages

And Treating It With Love And Respect.


b. Think or say:

I Affirm “There Is No Urgency In My Life.

Everything Happens In Divine Right Time And Divine Right Order.

And Everything Is Working Out For My Highest Good.”


Work on memorizing the above so you can have it available to you whenever it is needed. 


Release the urgency in your life and receive the urgent message being delivered.

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele


P.S. This will not be the cause for 100% of Over-Active Bladder sufferers. So, if after at least three days of consistent use, you don’t see any decrease in the frequency and/or intensity of your instances of over-active bladder urgency, please let me know and I will provide you with other possible ways to decipher the message.


TIP: We all get a warning when we are about to sneeze. Let that warning be a trigger to tighten up your kegel.

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