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If you are reading this page that means that you want one question answered: Why should I listen to and trust this person? In other words, what makes me a credible and valuable source of information?

Well, my name is Michele. I’ve never been a religious person but as I traveled my path of self-growth, my beliefs changed and I came to believe in a higher power. I became an ordained Spiritual-Interfaith Minister in order to counsel and guide people to more healthy and satisfying lives, and with the larger hope that healthy, satisfied people would become conscious and capable parents and partners.

Psychology and behavioral sciences have been sort of a hobby for me ever since taking classes as an undergraduate. I took many post-graduate classes and continue to read text books (for fun) as I believe the key to self and relationship improvement lies in understanding behavior and its motivations.

I have worked for almost twenty years with special needs children (ages 17 months to twelve years) as a speech-language pathologist, specializing in autism, apraxia, fluency disorders, self-esteem building, and behavior modification. It became apparent to me that many of the students’ social and behavioral problems were a direct result of an unsatisfying (to say the least) home-life, due to unconscious, stressed parents. (‘Unsatisfying’ meaning; does not satisfy their needs.) I thought if I could help parents (including future parents) we may have fewer children with special needs (classified or not). And then I began researching needs requirements which developed my theory of evolving of needs.

I have always had a way with children and animals. (I started babysitting at age eleven.) I believe this is because I was, what I have since learned is called a light worker. In all my interactions my goal was to uplift and enhance. This was my nature, done unconsciously. It took many more years until I was able to apply this behavior consciously to adults. Then I started attracting people with problems; strangers would open up to me frequently.

I counseled my students as well as many of my friends. There is so much damage created in childhood, and if it isn’t healed it becomes a dysfunctional cycle in families and in the individuals. I have felt compelled for a long time to do something to stop this cycle.

I was born on September 25, making me a Libra. The only reason I’m mentioning this is because if you don’t know anything about astrology, Libra is represented by scales. True to my Libra nature, I have always been a seeker of balance, in my life and in the world.  Additionally, I am a seeker of peace, truth and harmony, as well as a perpetual student of life or a knowledge-seeker. In addition, I am an environmentalist; I deeply love and actively care for this planet through my actions, habits and spending.

I started my own personal and spiritual development journey around the age of 29 and have considered myself self-aware and fully conscious for a long time. I am no longer impacted by past traumas or early patterns of thought and behavior. Upon achieving a significant level of growth and self-awareness, it became apparent to me that one of my purposes in this life is to share what I have learned with others. Here are some of the things I have accomplished, in no particular order.

I have:

  • Eliminated negative, critical, unproductive, and self-abusive self-talk
  • Eliminated self-conscious thoughts and associated behaviors, and the belief that I’m not good enough.
  • Healed the wounds of my past.
  • Developed unconditional acceptance of myself, others and life situations.
  • Acquired the highly beneficial ability of not taking things personally.
  • Learned not to dwell on what I can’t control.
  • Forgiven myself and others all the wrongs done to or by me, and thus, freed my heart, mind, spirit, and body.
  • Adopted and integrated the idea of no expectations, no disappointment.
  • Learned that I must be able to count on myself, 100% of the time: I must become my own best friend, stand up for myself and enjoy my own company. I must love myself in order to be ‘complete.’ Only I can complete me.
  • Mastered my mind/my thoughts. They no longer control me, I control them and I now choose only productive and empowering thoughts.
  • Examined my beliefs about life, myself, others, and how the world works, and I eliminated the ones I inherited or was programmed with that didn’t serve me. I also eliminated the ones created by trauma that no longer serve me and chose productive and healthy beliefs. With a new belief system, I put an end to any suffering because I gained a new perspective.
  • Become thoughtfully responsive instead of reactive.
  • Learned that gratitude (or appreciation) equals love.
  • Learned to trust my physical body as my emotional guidance system and receiver of messages from my higher Self. (Thank you Louise Hay.)
  • Developed and adopted mantras and affirmations that I use daily, to empower or calm.
  • Learned unconditional love is the only real love.
  • Learned that being my authentic self (living and walking in my truth) was more important to my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and more fulfilling than seeking other people’s approval. My approval of myself was most important.
  • Found peace by creating it.

(I really enjoyed making this list: it was very empowering to see how far I have come.)

After all I healed and gained, I was compelled to share and became ordained as a Spiritual-Interfaith Minister.

I currently work with individuals, couples, children, and families to promote healing and peace.

If any of these accomplishments sound like something you would like to achieve, then please consider joining with me to help you to achieve them and anything else that will make your life peaceful and fulfilling, and help you create a sense of well-being.

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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