A Real Blog Entry #2: Interpreting Messages

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A Real Blog Entry #2: Interpreting Messages


Sitting outside and absorbing the glorious sunshine, I was inspired to revisit the meaning of yesterday’s messages, when I received what I interpreted as a timely answer.

I have been requesting Divine guidance for a long while as to the next, best step for me to take toward fulfilling my sacred contract.

Being on the lookout for synchronicities (messages, signs) has been my habit since first reading The Celestine Prophecy back in the 90’s. There were a lot more signposts (obvious guidance) for me in the 90’s and early 2000’s than there have been since I moved to NC.

My dreams, when I can remember them, have been of no help. I have used Denise Lynn’s The Hidden Power of Dreams to interpret sleeping and waking messages also since the 90’s.

On 6-29, I had what I thought was a prophetic dream: four full moons in a row in the night sky. My final interpretation was that something would happen in or around four months-time. That time is drawing near an end.

On 9-12, I started noticing what Doreen Virtue refers to as “Angel Numbers” on digital clocks. It became more frequent on 10-17 and has been fairly consistent since. (For me,  it is repeating ones: 11:11 and 1:11 most often.) “One” represents many things.

From Ms. Lynn’s book : Independence; new beginnings; oneness with life; unity with life; self-development; individuality; progress; creativity. (” Those all sound good! )

So,  Saturday 10-25, I walked outside into the warm and healing sunlight, and first noticed the ladybugs. Seconds later,  a dragonfly did a few passes in front of me. Neither insect was mentioned in the book, so I just took them as visits from angels, guides or spirits of my ancestors or friends. Just a message of “I’m here!”

Back to Sunday 10-26, (and my mother’s birthday), I walked outside to another glorious day and was immediately inspired to contemplate the meaning of yesterday’s messages.  Were they personal messages of “I’m here!” or messages of higher guidance, like ‘everything’s going to be okay?’

Immediately after framing the question in my mind, a ladybug landed on my left breast. (Interpretation: Left side is feminine and receptive and breasts represent nurturing. But is this personal, I thought?)  One minute later, one landed on the left arm of the chair I was sitting on. (Interpretation: Not personal.)



Not Finished Yet


The featured image of this post was taken outside my front door at 6:35pm; a mere two minutes after I saw it. (I had to run in to get my tablet/camera.)

Can you see the “A?” With a pink wisp creating the cross-stroke?

The pink wisp disappeared just a couple minutes later.


What does the “A” mean?

“A?” Like the grade?

“A” like the Scarlet Letter does not apply.

“A” like the beginning of a sequence? Representing something is beginning or the beginning of a long stretch.

“A” like the beginning of a word? Are there more letters coming? I will be on the lookout!

I proceed with faith that no obvious guidance means ‘keep doing what you’re doing.’

I proceed with the faith that everything happens for a reason and everything happens in Divine right time and Divine right order.

I proceed with faith that I have access to everything I need at all times.

I proceed with the faith that everything is working out for my highest good.

May you proceed with faith!

I will keep you posted! 🙂

If you have any other ideas to help me interpret my messages or if you see something else in the image, I would be very grateful for additional perspectives or insights.

As usual, if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

(I reply to all comments personally!)

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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  1. God always has a better plan that we have for ourselves , so all we have to have is faith in our God 🙂

    • Well said, Raya. <3

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