A Box of Thoughts

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A Box of Thoughts

I have been keeping a journal since I went away to college. At some point, I had observations, ideas, rants, questions, and quotes I wanted to keep. For a time, I kept them in a separate journal. I have no idea when or why I stopped and started jotting them down on scraps of paper. Now, I have boxes filled with these little scraps of paper containing these observations, ideas, rants, questions, and quotes. (I wish I had dated them for frame of reference.)

But the other day I realized, I could use my site as an online collection of these thoughts by putting them in posts, and I might be able to get rid of the boxes!

Some are generated by what I see or hear. Others are ‘delivered’ from my higher self or the universal consciousness; these will most likely become individual posts as I believe they are messages for me to deliver.

Here are some of my more recent thoughts.

  • Spoken by a guest on the Steve Harvey Show: “I come from a two-parent and they’re still together (rousing applause) and I’m so grateful for that.” When did coming from a two-parent household become applause worthy?
  • I was sending out a blessing of “Have a blessed day!” and I realized, they are all blessed days. We just fail to recognize it. We take it all for granted; meaning we believe it/he/she will always be there. We are so comfortable that we forget to appreciate how miraculous it all is and how much beauty and abundance is in our lives at every moment.
  • Does the Law of Attraction (LOA) conflict with my beliefs in an organized, orchestrated universe? [Working through for an answer: The LOA is a universal law. We can attract a lesson. The LOA delivers our lessons. Maybe the natural universal laws are used by the spirits to orchestrate outcomes, resulting in the LOA.]
  • Living with uncertainty (the opposite of security) is a lesson in perseverance and faith.
  • Does acceptance prevent lessons in perseverance; of focus? Are these necessary lessons?
  • NBC’s Take It All: Showing me that greed and money or the ego and winning are more important than integrity; honoring your word. It also showed a lack of willingness to share the wealth.
  • Staying in your comfort zone prevents you from ever having the opportunity to rise to the occasion; take risks, test limits, see what you’re actually capable of, achieve something that will help you believe in yourself. Low self-esteem often keeps one stuck in their comfort zone.
  • When your gut speaks to you, always listen to your gut over your intellect.
  • Is there a greater goal than the elimination of suffering [through perception]?
  • Frustration and Reflection on Being Impeccable with Your Word (The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book): Every time you tell someone you are going to do something, there is an implied promise. People who consistently do not honor their word are consistently “causing” disappointment and by definition, are untrustworthy. These are toxic people: they create low-energy feelings which require a lot of energy to eradicate or prevent, including releasing through self-expression (I write!) and preparing for a confrontation with the source. I don’t like confrontations or conflict. I see the potential teaching and learning moments in those that are put before me.
  • Last night, I kept having a nagging thought to go out and get something from my crawl space, but it was really cold and I didn’t want to. I eventually gave in and found, to my gratitude, that I had left the map light on my car. If I had ignored the “nagging” voice in my head, I would have had a dead battery today. The moral of the story is: Don’t ignore the nagging voice in your head telling you to do something. It is the voice of your angels.
    May you perceive and receive all your blessings.With Much Love,

    Rev. Michele

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    • Thank you, Leo. Please come back and visit again soon.

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