3 Easy Steps To Take Control Of Your Racing Mind And Fall Asleep Fast -Tonight!

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3 Easy Steps To Take Control Of Your Racing Mind And Fall Asleep Fast -Tonight!

No one functions well when they are sleep deprived. If you are plagued by a racing mind when trying to fall asleep,

whether the culprit is the inner planner, the rehasher and the ruminator, the inner critic or the worrier,

here is a method that can help you fall asleep faster tonight!


This technique can also be used any time you want to:

  • Fall back to sleep, if you wake up too soon
  • Quiet your mind.
  • Calm your feelings. (in the cases of stress, anxiety, anger, and frustration, exhale through your mouth and make the exhale last longer than the inhale.)
  • Simply focus on the present moment.

How To Fall Asleep Fast

  1. Focus On Your Breathing:

             In And Out Through The Nose.

            Pay Attention To The Rise And Fall Of Your Belly.

  1. Interrupt and Replace

  As Soon As The First Thought Pops Up,

  Interrupt It And Replace It With –

  Thinking The Word In While Breathing In

  And Thinking The Word Out While Breathing Out.

  Elongate The Word To Match The Length Of Your Breath.

  1. When You Catch Yourself Thinking,

    Shift Back To Iiiiin, Ooooout.

  1. For Really Difficult Nights:

Add An Increase Of Attention

By Holding Your Eyes In A Looking-Up Position.

(Eyes Closed, Of Course!)

5.  Sweet Dreams!


From the first time I tried this method I started to yawn after only a few cycles and I am usually asleep within ten minutes.

With this technique, you are still thinking, sort of, but the wheels are no longer spinning out of control.

YOU Are In Control Of Your Mind And You Choose Quiet!

Sweet Dreams!

Please share with your family, friends and co-workers: everyone needs a good night’s sleep! 

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

(I reply to all comments personally!)

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love,

Rev. Michele

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  1. Definitely onto trying this TONIGHT.

    • So how did it work for you? I still use it almost every night. 🙂

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