20 Things A Person May Have Trouble Saying When The Ego (The False Self) Is In Charge

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20 Things A Person May Have Trouble Saying  When The Ego (The False Self) Is In Charge

Whether the following describes you or someone in your life, it is helpful to be able to identify these behaviors.  For you, it’s a message to work on it, as well as and insight that should help minimize your disappointment with and your expectations of those people. If this describes your parent(s) or significant other, it should help you realize that it wasn’t/isn’t you.


19 Things A Person May Have Trouble Saying When The Ego (The False Self) Is In Charge

  1. You win!
  2. Good game.
  3. Good job!
  4. Well done.
  5. Congratulations
  6. You’re right.
  7. I was wrong.
  8. I don’t know.
  9. It’s my fault.
  10. I take full responsibility for my actions.
  11. Great idea!
  12. Your way is better.
  13. I need your help.
  14. You look great.
  15. You’re so smart.
  16. I apologize.
  17. I forgive you.
  18. Thank You.
  19. Please.
  20. I love you.

To understand why these things are difficult to say for the person run by ego, here are

15 Things the Ego Needs that the Spirit Does Not:

  1. To Win
  2. To Be Superior
  3. To Be Right
  4. To Be Justified
  5. To Be Righteous
  6. To Judge
  7. To Compete
  8. To Compare
  9. To Put Others Down
  10. Recognition
  11. Status
  12. Getting Credit
  13. To be In Control
  14. To Get Your Way
  15. To Retaliate: To Get Even


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