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We have all had the experience of getting a song or a jingle stuck in our head. The jingle was specifically designed with the ultimate hope it would become unforgettable. Getting something to go viral is the current goal of all advertising/marketing.

What follows is the unfolding of what may be mine. (And it’s a vibration-raiser and spiritual-connector, as well.)

Warning! If you proceed you will get an unforgettable rhyme and blessing stuck in your head.


About twenty years ago, my friend Maria (RiRi to me) told me she kept seeing 12:34 on the clock and wondered what it meant. It was a long time ago, so I was only looking for logical reasons.

Eventually, I recognized 1234 were the digits of her zip code and she seemed satisfied with that answer. (Now I would add, it was a message that she was exactly where she was supposed to be, because it was her zip code.)

Since then, I regularly see 12:34 on the clock.

Being that I continued to see it at least once a day, I began to interpret those numbers as:

  1. a message from the universe that everything is happening in divine right time and divine right order,
  2. a regular reminder of that, and
  3. a regular reminder of her (my sister from another mister!); to always keep she and I connected.
  4. Looking at the numerology, they add up to ten which is a one; meaning new beginnings. (Every moment is an opportunity for a new beginning.)



Many years later, after becoming mindful, when I saw 12:34 again, I spontaneously thought:

One, Two, Three, Four; Bless My RiRi Evermore.

She received many blessings over many years.


About two years ago, I realized I was being very exclusive with this regular blessing and changed it to a more inclusive one:

“One, Two, Three, Four; Bless My Loved Ones Evermore.”


This can also be used as a mantra for interrupting and replacing any mental/thought-energy pattern you are trying to eliminate.  (hyperlink to MYM)


After doing all this, and preparing for posting, the 1234 blessing wanted a ‘5678’ ending. I got distracted until I could get it, which long delayed the publication of this article.

Five, Six, Seven, Eight; To You This Love I Radiate.

(Or Dedicate, if you prefer.)


So, if you happen to see 12:34 on the clock or anywhere, will you please start sending out the blessing, AND receive the Universe’s message? (And recognizing with gratitude that everything happens in divine right time and divine right order?)

TYPE “I WILL” below.


Since my friend’s request triggered seeing 12:34 regularly, please let me know if you start seeing it after reading this post. =D


If you would, please spread this around. I think this can become a “thing.”

And when it does, everyone, everywhere will know they are loved!

Is there a better blessing?


Reminder:  Practicing gratitude is one of the most powerful and healthy habits we can cultivate to maintain a good mood, a healthy immune system, a high-vibrational body, and a healthy metabolism.



If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

(I reply to all comments personally!)

May you perceive and receive all your blessings.

With Much Love And Gratitude,

Your Gratitude Junkie,

Rev. Michele

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  1. Michelle, my sister from another mister, I love you! I’ve been getting your emails from RTL on a regular basis, and sadly, most times I’m so busy with the insanity that is my life, that I put them aside planning to going back and reading them on a later date. Today, I happen to be on a break checking my emails at the instant your email came through, and I opened it right then and there!! What a great surprise that you’re referencing my (our) 12:34!! To this day, twice a day, 12:34 is making it’s presence in my world! Thank you for your blessings, to me and to everyone out there. I know we can all use and pass along these wonderful gestures. I love you always my sister. 💜

    • I love you too, RiRi. I was going to make sure you got a copy of this article. I’m grateful you spotted it. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. Love always, your sister from another mister. <3

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